Artists @ Naga Day

Artists @ Naga Day
Nagaland Chamber Choir weaved a stunning performance, ‘All of Us.’ Seen here are some of the Choir members (Photo by Soreishim Mahong)


Tali Angh took stage to render his original composed song, ‘Without Borders,’ in his heart-moving voice at the Naga Day celebrations (Morung Photo)


The most famous cultural export from Nagaland, Tetseo Sisters, performed ‘Live as One’ alongside pop icon Alobo Naga. Albeit different in musical form, they complemented each other perfectly beyond their musical borders for Naga Day (Morung Photo)


Angam Khong presented Konyak folk tune, ‘Jahwannyu e Wao e Teihpu Tangshimian,’ and another ‘Krista Shüpshi Phangme,’ that moved like waves through the Naga Day audience at the Kohima Local Ground on January 10 (Morung Photo)


Pfüchazhünuo came together in synchrony with their one stringed instruments to present ‘Kepenuopfü Nagamia Kekhrie’ (Photo by Soreishim Mahong)


Indigenous Naga band, Nagagenous performed ‘Count your Blessings’ on traditional Naga instruments that have been contemporized and recreated. The team also performed ‘Come, Oh Nagas! Come as One,’ a song written and composed by Hojevi Kappo based on Sümi Naga melody. (Photo by Soreishim Mahong)


Konyak Nagas shot muzzle loading guns as a mark of respect to kick start the first Naga Day celebrations held at Kohima Local Ground (Khuochiezie) on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Organized by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), Naga Day sought to bring socio-cultural healing and reconciliation among Naga people. (Morung Photo)


Labu Sakhrie, son of erstwhile Naga leader T Sakhrie, performed ‘Blowing in the Wind’ at Naga Day (Morung Photo)


Dreamz Unlimited presented a short play titled ‘Zero Point.’ Reflecting on the ironic politics of the day that Naga people have come to inherit, the Dreamz Unlimited team had the audience rolling and cheering for the truth they presented. The skit was well written and performed. (Morung Photo)


Tangkhul Naga band Featherheads made an exemplary performance of injecting powerful traditional sounds into their songs ‘Luira laa’ and ‘Ngahong’ on Naga Day, 2018 (Photo by Soreishim Mahong)