Artsy Naga: All about art, freedom & creativity

Artsy Naga: All about art, freedom & creativity

Tunavi Achumi, founder of ‘Artsy Naga’. (Morung Photo)

Milika Jakhalu
Dimapur | May 5

Of the many forms of widely celebrated talent and skills, Nagaland has seldom witnessed a gifted artist rising to fame locally and internationally; but it has not been due to the lack and dearth of the artist but due to the lack of the platform.

‘Artsy Naga’ was not an overnight project, but has been a long coming dream to truly realize the potential Nagas have in the field of art. The brainchild of a young artist, Tunavi Achumi, ‘Artsy Naga’ aspires to establish a rich network of talented artists from Nagaland to share, create and grow into the international art and the artists’ community.

‘Artsy Naga’ was started on March 2018 as an online community forum with budding artists from Nagaland to come under one common platform. It began as an Instagram page ( artsy_naga) to connect all interested artist to jointly explore and experience the possibilities of promoting, exhibiting, and also sale of artworks to the masses.

Tunavi Achumi, founder of ‘Artsy Naga’ completed his B.A in vfx and animation, Bangalore. He is an avid art lover and an artist himself. His dream of promoting aspiring Naga artists came into existence when he began to realize that the scope and opportunities for artists pursuing the field professionally is very narrow.

“Art is about creativity, and it fosters the human need for self-expression and fulfillment, and is economically viable,” stated Achumi.

‘Artsy Naga’ also partners with Conclave- IT startup firm based in Dimapur run by trio of Benchumo Murry, Kekhrieneilhou Usou and K. Toka Kits.
Being an artist himself, Achumi says, he enjoys every piece of an art of our Naga artists and it always amazes him to see such beautiful artworks.

Speaking on the current pilot project, Achumi said that the ‘Artsy Naga’ is currently collaborating with few cafes in Dimapur which includes The Himalayan Beans, Nagaland Coffee shop and Funky Buddha. Its main motive is to display the works of artists which is also been put up for sell.

Speaking on the attitude of today’s society, Achumi says that most people consider art as just a sketch or a portrait but he says that art is more than what they think it is. It is an art of life and an expression of ideas and feelings. Therefore, he always wanted to change the mindset of the people and make them understand the importance of art.

Achumi further says that, ‘Artsy Naga’ aims to establish itself as a primary brand and a platform to facilitate all sorts of art and artists. “We envision ourselves to be in the midst of organizing art, exhibitions, frestival and auctions etc within and outside the state,” Achumi added.

In our developing and growing society, ‘Artsy Naga’ genuinely feels that art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics and thus it shall be the torch bearer throughout its journey.

The writer is currently an intern in The Morung Express.