Ascites in Dogs and its preventives measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Accumulation of watery fluid in the peritoneal cavity is referred to as Ascites. The disease may result from various conditions such as cardiac, hepatic or renal diseases, or due to various parasitic and infectious diseases.


Signs and Symptoms of Ascites

1. Enlarged abdomen


2. Rib bones becomes very prominent


3. Sunken eyes


4. General appearance weak and emaciated


5. Slow and difficult body movement


6. Mucous membrane of the eye becomes pale


7. Difficulty in breathing


8. Pendulous abdomen


Steps for Prevention of Ascites in Dog

1. Restriction of salt in the diet


2. High nutritious protein diet


3. Supplement of liver tonic in the diet monthly


4. Periodical deworming of the dog


The owner should immediately consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre in case any of the above mention signs and symptoms when observed for early diagnosis and proper treatment.