Ashish from Delhi wins first Naga pineapple eating competition

Ashish from Delhi wins first Naga pineapple eating competition
Ashish (left) with a participant from Israel (R) in the final round of Naga pineapple eating competition at Kisama on December 6. (Morung Photo)


Ashish from Delhi today emerged as the winner of first Naga pineapple eating competition held as part of Hornbill Festival here at Kisama.


This event was organized by department of horticulture in collaboration with XL Nagaland and supported by department of tourism.


The pineapple eating competition was held inclusively for the domestic and international tourists with a view to promote the Naga pineapple outside the state.


Naga pineapple which is among the juiciest in the world is grown in abundance around two belts of the state- Medziphema and Changtongya.


All the participants were presented with certificate of citation from HoD Horticulture, Dr. R. Elithung Lotha.


The participants includes – Mayan Yagdar, Yair Katz, Doron Sages, Dror Sages from Israel, Heather Layton from the U.S, Shikha, Abishek, Rayon Bhatt from Bagdogra, Sarath Babu, Rajesh Rajan from Kerala, Ambika Toppu from Jharkhand, Pallavi Solar, Phillomenia from Maharashtra, Julie Quincey from U.K, Manisha Sarkar, Suveena.D from Mumbai, Ciaran Brook from U.K, Yoshi from Japan, Albert, Donna, Van Zyl from South Africa and Ashish from Delhi.

(Morung Express News)