ASU to protest against Vet & Animal Husbandry dept

Morung Express News
Kohima | August 13


The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) will begin its first phase of agitation against the Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry on August 17 by picketing the Directorate, the district office and the SCGF office, Lerie. The agitation is against the backdrop of the department’s failure to cancel the backdoor appointment of a cattle attendant at SCGF, Lerie. As is conventionally the norm in the rest of the districts in Nagaland where the lower grades especially III and IV posts are filled by the indigenous inhabitants of the district, the ASU had also demanded the same in Kohima.


“We are not against any tribe. We are against the system. Till today there has been no response from the government. We have given them enough time to cancel the appointment. We want our rights back. We do not want to be deprived,” asserted President, Dievi Yano. A representation was sent earlier to the Department giving them 15 days to respond for which the deadline ended on August 13. Stating that the silence of the department has hurt the sentiments of the Angami community, Yano added that if there is no response after the first phase, the second phase will include a total bandh in Kohima town. “If anything happens to any of our volunteers, the concerned Department and the Parliamentary Secretary will be held responsible,” added Yano.


Stressing on the inherent rights of the original inhabitants, General Secretary, Visako Rino stated that this inherent right has been deprived for a very long time.


“It all comes down to asking for what we deserve, without any intention of offending anybody of the Naga community. We live in a very complicated and sensitive society which has a lot of imbalances within tribes and strata of the society. It is about time for all of us to morally take a stand and do the right thing. Are we doing the right thing or do what is wrong because everybody is doing it,” added Zakie Khate, Advisor.


ASU has also informed that it has filed RTIs in all the departments in Kohima district, however some departments have not responded within the stipulated time of 30 days. The union has cautioned that it will take its own democratic and legal course of action against the departments.