ATSUM nulls University agitation

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The All Tribal Student Union, Manipur (ATSUM) has said today the anarchy being witnessed in Manipur University is a matter of serious concern that needs the collective intervention of both the state government and the “concerned authority”, so as to bring forth an early solution by invoking to the rule of law. “What started as a minor bickering has snowballed into a full-blown agitation,” the apex tribal student body said.


Stating that the proponent of the agitation should realize the “needless elongation of their agitation to a ridiculous extent has seriously jeopardized,” the body said that the careers of thousands of students whose mark sheets and certificates are in pending.


The agitators should withdraw their agitation or resort to other means to ensure normal functioning of the University Administrative Block for the sake of the students, the ATSUM said, adding, “And they should be ready to accept responsibility and held culpable for any backlash”.


According to the ATSUM, Manipur University is the nerve centre of all higher institutions functioning within Manipur state, “With 86 institutions affiliated under the University, thousands of students are facing the brunt reality of life,” it added.


“It is quite apparent that Delhi is waiting and watching a pandemonium that has been ignited from a neglected spark,” the tribal student body observed. It also said that if all the allegations levelled against the Vice Chancellor (VC) have anything to do with proven facts and evidences, the agitators should have approached the office of the visitor (The President of India) to adjudicate on the issue and demand for an impartial enquiry while the VC in question should also be given an opportunity to present his side of story for the sake of fair trial.


The ATSUM maintained that the present VC apart from his shortcomings had contributed significantly for the well-being of the students “like the hosting of National Science Congress the first of its kind, the completion of overdue construction projects, putting to rest  reservation imbroglio, streaming of administration”.


According to the ATSUM, if the present VC is at fault then his predecessors were neither saints.


“The fact that Manipur University has become the hotbed of corruption, activities can be substantiated by fact that many of the staffs serving at Manipur University are under CBI scanner for financial impropriety and some are already booked for the same reason,” the ATSUM alleged.


According to the ATSUM, the helplessness of the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry on the matter is apparent as law and order happens to be State’s subject.  “Intervention from the office of the  Chief Minister for immediate redressal,” the ATSUM asked.