Autorickshaw driver’s son sets sights on space

VISAKHAPATNAM, May 31 (Agencies): It is sheer grit and determination which have given him the recognition as a young scientist. Proving that where there is a will there is a way, Nidrabingi Ramesh Reddy, who recently completed plus two from a city college, wants to become a space scientist notwithstanding his financial background.
Son of autorickshaw driver N. Ranga Reddy and home-maker Kondamma, who stay in a small tenement in Peda Waltair, Ramesh, 18, recently returned from his second tour of the United States. He attended ISDC (International Space Development Conference) in Alabama after a presentation on life in space. He has been invited as a speaker (co-scientist) for the ISDC-2012 to be held at Washington DC to deliver a talk on nanotechnology. He could make it to the ISDC from May 18 to 22 due to funding by Rotary Club Visakha Valley, Dr. P. Raghuram of Hyderabad and other donors. Ramesh could win second prize in the Annual NASA AMES Space Settlement Contest in 2010 and got prize money of $2,000 — for Galileo Space Settlement to create another living space for human settlement other than the earth.
Teacher’s support
 “Because of encouragement from geography teacher M. Ramadevi, I could develop fascination towards space science from eighth standard. I want to become a space scientist and work for ISRO one day. I will also set up a space foundation for R&D,” he tells The Hindu. Thinking big has become his passion. He has already got an offer for admission in B.Tech (Aerospace) at the National Aerospace University (Kharkir Aviation Institute), KhAi in Ukraine. The institute is reputed for aviation and space engineering. After B.Tech, Ramesh wants to study M.Sc. (astronomy) in the University of Arizona and get a doctorate in pure astronomy. His aim now is to work on a Google Lunar X project on sending the most feasible robot to the moon and win the major chunk of the prize money of Rs. 90 lakh.