AYC questions lack of x-ray film, spirit in Tura Civil Hospital

Newmai News Network

Tura | May 14

The Achik Youth Council (AYC) has questioned Tura Civil Hospital (TCH) authorities over the lack of X-ray film as well as spirit for quite some time in the premier medical facility in Garo Hills.

According to the AYC, X-ray films have not been present in the hospital since April 10 while spirit has been off the shelves for over a year now.

“These are essential medical equipment that is a must for any hospital. How can such a premier hospital not have such essential items is beyond our understanding,” said president, Silning D Sangma.

For the AYC, the worrying factor is the increase in costs of people that come to the hospital for treatment.

“While it costs about Rs 50-100 for an X-ray, outside the same costs about Rs 1000. Further imagine the state of orthopedic patients, having to move to various clinics for the same X-ray that could have been so easily done in the hospital itself,” added the AYC.

The AYC opined that the hospital is meant for all, rich and poor and as such the lack of such essential things was denying the poor. Also there had been numerous complaints over the lack of x-ray films, which till the writing of this report has still not reached.

“Why do they have to buy spirit from outside and what were the authorities doing in not procuring something as basic as spirit? This really sounds negligent on the part of hospital authorities,” added the AYC.

Upon being informed on the matter, the Deputy Commissioner of WGH, Ram Singh, stated that the x-ray plate had been damaged due to a high voltage fluctuation.

“The engineer came and said that there was a problem with earthing. Our health engineer wing is replacing the earthing and once that it done, the problem should be resolved,” said the DC.

The AYC however countered the claim adding that the portable (manual) X-ray machine is still functional and only needed films to work, which should have been prioritized for the sake of patients who come to TCH.