Backs to Basics: School in Nagaland’s Phek District revives traditions

Backs to Basics: School in Nagaland’s Phek District revives traditions
Students of New Creation School located at Sekruzu EAC HQ under Phek district are seen participating different weaving and handicraft activities in this collage picture. With the objective of teaching the importance of indigenous knowledge, activities like handicrafts, folk songs, tailoring, weaving and stitching are imparted to the students, apart from normal education. (Photo: By Special Arrangement)


New Creation School in Phek district is training school children on handicrafts, weaving and folk songs


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | November 7

An educational institute in Phek district has come forward to impart knowledge on handicrafts, folk songs, tailoring, weaving and stitching to its students, apart from normal education.


Talking to The Morung Express, head teacher of New Creation School located at Sekruzu EAC HQ, Vesalü Swuro said the idea was conceived to make school children aware of the importance of handicrafts, indigenous songs and handloom.


She lamented that the present generation is slowly forgetting the diverse culture and traditional values, adding that in the present context, parents are also not playing their part to familiarize their children with the rich culture of the Nagas.


Through this initiative, she said, the school hopes to re-visit traditional modes of Naga life, the values associated with it and to present avenues for a sustainable livelihood.


Her husband Rev. Vekuso Swuro, who is chairman of New Creation Ministry, teaches folk songs, while Vesalü provides training in weaving, tailoring and stitching.


The couple established the New Creation School in 2013 under the banner of the New Creation Ministry (Oasis Training Centre, Sekruzu). The ministry focuses on education, economic and spiritual development.


It also conducts vocational training for entrepreneurship and self-employment.


The last such co-curricular activity took place for two days (November 2-3). Vesalü plans to make it an annual feature at the school, which caters to 230 children, classes ranging from Class A to VIII.


So far, 62 girls and 50 boys from Class IV-VII have taken part in the training.






Learning from elders


Village elders are invited for teaching the concept of making handicrafts. Sonnei Kath, co-founder of Exotic Echo Society Dimapur acted as resource person in the last programme and provided a talk on handlooms.


The Ministry takes note that while many educated people these days migrate to towns and cities for their children’s education and career; yet the majority of the Nagas are still living in rural villages “seeking liberation.”


“God has called us and we have a burden to serve those people who are in need of our help. We believe that to shift our ministry to rural areas is the will of God. The objective of the Ministry is to save lost souls, to nurture and equip them, to promote and preserve good culture, educate people to discover their hidden talents and potentials, transformation of mind, moulding of character and acquisition of skills, to promote and assist efforts in preserving eco-system and biodiversity, and to uplift economic life,” the Ministry says in its brochure.