Bandh volunteers harass press persons again

Dimapur, February 13 (MExN): Even as the JCC offered a hand scribbled unsigned ‘apology’ and an ensuing ‘never again’ promise to the press during its previous bandh, press persons have continued to be harassed by bandh volunteers in Dimapur on February 13.


“In three to four places, we were verbally abused by bandh volunteers in Dimapur town,” said a journalist who was covering the events of the day along with a colleague and their driver in their press car. And once again, “some of them were drunk,” alleged the journalist. This was affirmed by a passenger who attempted to reach the airport with a child, woman and old person on board their car but faced mob harassment at several junctions despite information that travelers will be exempted.


“Despite assurance given by the organizer of the ongoing state-wide bandh not to harass and hinder the movement of the media persons, some volunteers, who were enforcing the bandh, harassed and intimidated media persons,” confirmed the Nagaland Press Association in a press release today.


While condemning the “misbehavior,” the NPA urged the organizers and volunteers to “recognize the nature and need of the works of journalists.”


“Instead of recognizing and appreciate the service rendering for the benefit of the society even in matter of spot news reporting by the journalists during bandh, it is painful and very disappointing that the people, who are benefiting out of journalists works and their contributions, continuously harass, humiliate and hinder their movements thoughtlessly time and again,” maintained the NPA.