BAP and BYO directs

Kohima, May 1 (MExN): The Bayavü Area Panchayat (BAP) and the Bayavü Youth Organization (BYO) have directed all residents and passersby to avoid parking in the road, reapir vehicles, keeping building materials, firewood, throwing water, vehicle washing and throwing waste in the road and drain. In cases where there are no other options, it has directed that written permissions be obtained from the sector welfare board and the Sector GB, the same to be given only after taking road damage and traffic obstruction preventive measures or a day.

The same procedures have been directed to be followed prior to digging the road or the roadside, to lay cables and pipes, or any activities that needs such works. The damages done must be repaired by those responsible.
A press note from Bayavü Area Panchayat and Bayavü Youth Organization also informed that the Bayavü Youth Organization have been authorized to monitor the observation of the above etiquettes and penalize the defaulters monetarily.