Beauty Truths: In conversation with hair and makeup artist

Beauty Truths: In conversation with hair and makeup artist

There are many professionals in the beauty service industry who work hard and tirelessly but go less acknowledged. Beyond films, television, magazines, and fashion ramps, we require and hire the services of these professionals to help us look good and feel confident for special occasions and every day. Today, we have chosen to interview a young entrepreneur from the beauty service industry in Nagaland who has worked hard to get to where she is today.


Asen Aier with her employees at Studio 12, 1st floor-BEO Centre opposite West PS, PWD main road Dimapur.
Asen Aier with her employees at Studio 12, 1st floor-BEO Centre opposite West PS, PWD main road Dimapur.


Asen Aier, professional makeup and hair artist runs a beauty salon in Dimapur called Studio 12. She has made a name and gained trust from numerous clients in the Northeast for her amazing bridal makeup and hair creations.


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Growing up, Asen always had artistic inclination and she was passionate about art and design. But she chose to pursue science stream at Kohima Science College. Later, she graduated from Bangalore University and soon after, she worked as a Communications Trainer for a corporate company in Bangalore for five years.


However, her artistic inclination won the best out of her and she decided to apply for a Nagaland government sponsored beauty training course in New Delhi. Once training was completed after six months, she moved on to work under a professional makeup artist and got several opportunities to work for films and music videos.


Deciding to come back to her hometown and setup her own beauty business, she started Studio 12 in 2012. “A startup business is not easy at all,” she stated from experience. She also added, “Even though I’ve worked in corporate offices and had field experience in the beauty world, I had to learn the basics of entrepreneurship through trial and error. There was no one to teach me but I’m glad I decide to follow my passion and stuck through all the trials and errors I encountered every single day.”


“I still have relatives and friends questioning me why I never chose the Government job route. I don’t blame them because our society is fed and trained to understand that Government jobs provide stability and prestige and that vocational jobs are just not good enough and for people who have no other choice.


Well, I made this choice and I’m very satisfied. And I have to add that running a beauty salon is hard work. From simple eyebrow threading to hair colouring or something life changing like bridal hair and makeup; everyone expects the best and clients are not at all forgiving. If you think, we have easy jobs than you are so wrong. We stand on our feet the whole day, primping and pampering people to make them look good,” she laughed.


And the learning never stops…recently, she took a Eyebrow Professional Course called “Microblading” at Bangkok Beauty Academy, a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique (lasts for one to two years depending on skin type and care) which is famous worldwide. In this process, brows are filled out or reconstructed by drawing on tiny lines that looks like individual hairs resulting in an appearance that’s as close to a natural brow as it gets. Asen works with a hand-held tool that puts pigments into the skin, but doesn’t go as deep as a normal tattoo would. After healing, the brows are smudge and water proof and you just need a onetime touchup session. This technique, a first-time in Nagaland is offered at her salon Studio 12, Dimapur.


“Work should always be a learning process for all of us. I like updating with new trends and techniques, so I still go for trainings to keep my skills sharp,” she opined. To anyone who wants to take up similar vocational trainings and make it your career, all I would say is this, “Just getting trained is not enough, because it is very hard work which demands not only skill but passion and requires heaps and heaps of patience.”


As for me, right now I’m enjoying work, get to travel, meet new people, and learn new things. All in all, I feel I have successfully turned my passion into an enriching career, she signs off contented.