Beauty with a purpose: Promoting dignity of labour

Beauty with a purpose: Promoting dignity of labour

Undertaking the ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project, Ruopfuzhano Whiso, Nagaland’s representative to the FBB Femina Miss India 2018 set up a vegetable kiosk at PHQ Junction, P.R Hill on May 1. The kiosk will be opened till May 2.


Before the main Miss India event, each representatives of the Miss India pageant have to undertake various projects. A major project is the “Beauty with a purpose” project.



With the growing unemployment in Nagaland and increasing discontent among the young, Whiso is undertaking the project under the theme ‘Dignity of Labour’ by selling vegetables in the streets with an aim to promote self employment in the state.


Under this theme, Whiso hopes to encourage the unemployed youths of Nagaland to set an example by selling vegetables.



The Beauty and Aesthetic Society of Nagaland (BASN) also informed that that the varieties of vegetables that are being sold at the kiosk are cheaper than the current market rate. Further, package offer is available where 20 kilos of fresh vegetables is priced only at Rs 800 with free home delivery.


All the profits and proceeds earned in this project will be given as charity to encourage the targeted identified unemployed individuals to take up the business through the example set by Ruopfuzhano in the project.

Morung Express News