Do you believe the 18-point pledge signed between NBCC and the political parties will make an impact on the Clean Election Campaign? Why?

Do you believe the 18-point pledge signed between NBCC and the political parties will make an impact on the Clean Election Campaign? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • If implemented in letter and in true Christian spirit by all the stakeholders.
  • Many young people are tired of the wrong way politics is being played in Nagaland. Many are already working hard to educate the grassroots through the churches and on personal levels too. So am positive it will bring about a positive change.
  • Every journey begins with the first step. This clean election campaign is being done in many areas by multiple organisations following the clarion call of the NBCC since the previous election and is gaining momentum. We the people are becoming aware of the need and benefit of it. This arrangement should be imbibed as a habit in everyone and net necessarily forced fed during election. Younger generation needs better environment. Yes it will work
  • I believe Clean Election will show positive impacts wherever public respond in obedience to the resolutions, teachings and preaching of the movement. And wherever people refuse to do anything but expect ONLY the Church, NGOs and Government to do it, the endless blame games, disbelief and pessimism will continue. It is sad to note that many proponents of positive change who shouts loudly in various platforms against dirty politics and corruptions are also up against the Clean Election Campaign. There are people who will go all out to oppose anything NBCC initiates. As for me I will choose to move on if it is for the common good. Some individuals, families, villages and groups are going to surely practice clean election this time. Whereas some others will remain the same or even get worse. May God Almighty help and bless us to see this great mission of our times to fruition sooner or later.
  • Absolutely yes… Rome wasn’t built in a day… This is a very good initiative by NBCC along with the political organisations… It must be appreciated by all… At the same time, we must realised that the change does not happen instantly and we cannot wiped out the messy things completely at once … So let’s have patience and at the same time every individual are equally responsibly to let this change happen…
  • .. There is every possibility of making a positive impact… But it’s the people… If people want corruption then clean election is a far cry…
  • If the power of politician is subdued and bureaucrat’s power is improved…
  • .. Only if all the campaigners seek God. Just with our knowledge and might things goes haywire, I think.
  • Yes & the nbcc should visit each and every church and spread the agreement made & convince the church leaders since each one of us belong to one church or the other church. I firmly believe every true believer will agree & follow Christian principal.
  • Yes, not fully, but to some extent.
  • Yes, it will if you and I want it to happen. Clean Election Campaign is to better our society. As a voter if we choose to do what is right then perhaps, the pledge is not needed. Don’t always blame others for the mess. I think it’s high time to support one another in areas where it will benefit our society.
  • Yes and I mainly request the youth who are above 18 to follow it.
  • I am from Manipur yet I have high regard for NBCC and Nagaland in general. Because Nagaland is a Christian state and seems very spiritual as well as respect the Christian leadership. And the candidates are too are going to be good Christian. Therefore, NBCC on clean Election will be successful.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • Unless people are educated on Clean Election, it’ll have less or no impact. Money has the power and will.
  • From what we hear, none of the candidates or sitting legislative assembly has signed the pledge directly. Rather they have sent representative to sign the same. If it true, what does it imply?
  • No, it’s a piece of papers only. No implementation & action…?
  • No, it will be like declaring our state as dry state.
  • I can’t believe that this will happen because everyone I meet and discuss about candidates for the forthcoming election, I get only one reply … Whosoever have big money can win a seat! So, I am dismayed.
  • No, as the political parties were not represented by its President’s, but their representatives.
  • .. This is politics, not some kind of fairy tale.
  • No, it’s easier to believe in God’s Miracle than on those NBCC and politicians points.
  • No, because even those who advocate CEC, will be tempted by money.
  • It will not have impact, because NBCC will not be able to act if the political party or candidate do not follows the clean election campaign. I feel it should be some NGO who can implement or even go to court if need arises. But NBCC cannot go to court.
  • ..futile! Dreams too come true but castles can’t be built in the air in reality…
  • No, politicians have no conscience. They will always play dirty to win. They want to enjoy power. Politicians should realize that Democracy has it limits for politicians to rule. Many famous politicians of mainland India had land up in jail for misuse of democracy. I think it’s high time for some of our politicians to be jailed for abuse of power and corruption only than they will realize that risking of their looted wealth in election will be a waste. Ultimately every election will become a “Clean Selection.”
  • Unless it reaches the grassroots level, the pledge will remain as a theory. All the stake holders should come out and uphold the vision clean election for a new Nagaland. NBCC should come out with effective strategy to make it a people’s movement
  • No, do they follow what they preach?
  • Whether its 18 point or 100 point pledge it can never have impact. Both NBCC and political parties are doing all this just for SHOW. In reality they have some unholy nexus to benefit each other. Church and politics are same in Nagaland.
  • No, NBCC… Now we Nagas want Naga solution not your Indianized propaganda politics- Election. It’s time to change your nomenclature.
  • 1000% No! The logic is very simple: honest people don’t contest election anymore. Political party as a whole is absolutely dishonest. Prevention before disease is what we talked about, but politics in Nagaland is deeply infected with the diseases of corruption! Yes, all of them want to gamble. The winner stack is power to corruption which is illegal! The answer again is very simple – Stop Corruption and the question of dirty election do not arise. Democratic election means volunteering yourself to represent the people by presenting the best of you in contest. If the winning candidate tries or do his best to corrupt his representation power than the people he represents have the ultimate power to impeach and penalize him for the mis-representation! Les us cure the disease of corruption because as long as the power to corrupt is accepted by us, dishonesty in politics will always exist!


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • Doesn’t matter whether all will follow or not, but as for me and my house I will stay true to Christian principle no matter how insignificant my vote can be.
  • Politician and most of the Nagas are no different from fox in sheep clothing. In fact, we are opportunist. “If the root is rotten why not the leaves, and if the leaves are rotten, why not the root”. It’s a vicious cycle. So clean election? Impossible! Ratio? 95:5.
  • I know the initiative has been done with the best of intention on the part of NBCC. I also know that the political parties cannot refuse NBCC, but whether they really mean it is what remains to be seen. Unless the public hold the political leaders accountable to it, I am afraid that the political parties and politicians will only ignore this pledge.
  • Positive impact will take place if only political chameleon is taken into serious consideration till the end.
  • It’s not a matter of believing or unbelieving. Some points lack practicability. Several points are very good though. One important point missing is purifying and filtering of electoral rolls. Proxy and bogus can be cleaned by the church by providing church membership data. It’s a tough job but if we really have the will, we can
  • What or who is NBCC anyways? Isn’t it all the members under this banner? So those who are under this banner are NBCC not just the officials. The officials represent every individual member. I am from a different church and never take money for vote. Speak for yourself not what some are going to do.
  • People, who preach, should first practice. And then they can preach. We have seen enough of hypocrites. Everyone wants clean elections. But why? Let’s first wipe off d dirt in our eyes n then tell others to wipe off their eye dirt.
  • Nagaland is a dry state in a letter but the wettest state in whole of India; we want to make our state a dry state just because we claim to be 99% Christian. Now as we continue clean election with signing by all Political parties lead by the church… This is no better than a ‘Dry State’ again. WHAT A CHRISTIAN WE ARE? ALL WE ONE IS A TAG. Dry State but free flow of liquor everywhere in the state and NBCC convention Hall surrounding is a hot spot. SO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW FAITHFUL WE ARE TO OURSELVES AND TO OUR GOD.


  • Do you remember all the Churches supplied a Consent/pledge card, asking all its members to sign the pledge CLEAN ELECTION but the result was even worst and the post election We all know.
  • Whose candidate helped the Voters, that candidate will get public’s votes. Especially working for grassroots level is must. Motto of, Single vote, followed single candidate, No double games. Public and even amongst the leaders played double games during election taking huge money from two, three candidates this led to spending of huge money by the candidates. It’s my observation only.
  • NBCC is from the Religious body so in my opinion, it will be good if they don’t involve here in politics as a clean election campaign because the word campaign itself usually refer to political point of view… Instead, why don’t they try to pray and teach the Gospel to their people…
  • Role of NBCC in the liquor ban issue is dubious and highly questionable as they have not come clean with a logical decision in this more than 25yrs alcohol ban. NBCC is answerable for the many people who died or who felt sick after consuming spurious liquors supplied by countless bootleggers in and around Dimapur. Leave alone the thousand crores of rupees Nagaland lost in revenues. Therefore, NBCC has no right to initiate for ‘clean election’ unless they come clean from the above mentioned issue pending for quite long time!
  • Nbcc is becoming joke factory, instead of winning souls, it is trying to involve in all political matters of the state is just like a hypocrite prayer praying out loud just to show its political power and influence in the state. Nbcc is defaming the word Christianity. It seems lots of false prophets are its members who wish only to visit foreign countries with politician sponsorship. Clean election is not a child game first convince the people on dry state which you have already given up.
  • NBCC need not stretch their muscles in politics… They should instead pray, preach, teach and practice what they teach…
  • AMUSING FACTS OF NAGAS! 1. NBCC said stop drinking and selling of intoxicated drinks because it is destroying and even killing people, families and society. People will not obey and keep drinking and selling and conveniently blame the NBCC. 2. NBCC started Clean Election Campaign because dirty elections like selling & buying of votes, proxy voting, etc are stealing our development projects, destroying & stealing our very birthrights, and have become the root cause of most corruptions. We the public refuse to take heed and continue to do all these vices and again put the whole blame on NBCC. If we will not change and take action on our parts, people, we also should stop complaining about broken homes, street fights, bad roads, lack of opportunities, lack of facilities in our schools, offices, hospitals, good football grounds etc. Very sadly, even in the 2018 Assembly Elections, hundreds and thousands of Nagas seems to be already looking forward to selling themselves, thereby selling in advance our roads, infrastructure, hospital & school facilities, water, power, job opportunities, etc. For a change, let us give development and clean governance a chance!!



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