‘I believe in Hard Work’

‘I believe in Hard Work’

An interview with Temsusenla Kichu, owner of Fusion Store

Temsusenla Kichu
Temsusenla Kichu

Temsusenla Kichu is the owner of Fusion Store in Dimapur and today she shares a bit more about her business. Asking her questions on launching her own boutique and striking it on her own, she tells us an amazing story of hard work which led her to where she is now.



To start with, she revealed, “I haven’t ever studied fashion or business or anything related to it. Also, I did not start my store with a big sum of money. But I was confident in myself because I had work experience.” Thus, relying solely on her dreams and faith, her entrepreneurial journey began in the year 2014.

Fusion Store 1

Initially, she had opened a clothing and accessories stories where every item is handpicked and sourced from other cities. And barely a month after launch, she began to notice the work of local independent designers and got this idea to support their work and help promote their products, which would in turn on a larger scale help the local economy.

Fusion Store 2

Now her store houses local designers from Nagaland and few startups from Delhi and Kolkata. You’ll find the latest Women and Menswear collection from the ‘Liying’ brand, Menswear from ‘Bevura’, Lingerie from renowned ‘Goji Love’, handmade accessories from ‘Runway’, handmade hair accessories from Pigtails and Ponys and handmade jewellery accessories from ‘D’ana’. A very recent addition is the popular selling Nungshiba dolls from Precious Me Love (PML), another locally grown startup from Nagaland.


The career of this enterprising woman started while she was still in high school. Juggling school, her part-time job and computer classes, this period in her life she describes as her best training ground. She explained, “I worked part-time at a Medical store until I graduated after which I joined a retail store and worked in different capacities. Back then, I doubt if parents even allowed their kids to work part time jobs at stores after school hours. But I had already started working with my first salary of 600 Rupees.”

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Today, she admits to the challenges of running a business on limited funds. She explained, “It’s really challenging because I don’t come from an entrepreneurial background and I’m only learning as each day goes by.” Nevertheless that does not deter her because she is smart and business savvy, always trying to find ways to better engage her customer and keep them coming back. Her zeal to immerse herself and excel in the business industry is undeniable.


This entrepreneur is also well-recognized for her active participation at the Rotaract Nagaland chapter. It’s her 19th year being a part of the Rotaract Club. No small feat! In fact, she joined in the year 1997 as an Interactor when she was still in School. Since then, she has served in various positions, and also elected as District Rotaract Representative in the year 2007-2008 comprising of Bengal and the entire North East states. Afterwards, the parent body Rotary invited her to join as Rotarian in 2011. Later, she also got the opportunity to serve as the president in 2015-2016. She has been part of numerous charity, social welfare, Polio vaccine drives, and Medical Missions. With a compassionate and giving heart, she says, “Rotary has played an important role in my life. It is with rotary I am what I am and also I can genuinely say I have become a much better person.”


To aspiring entrepreneurs, she has this to say: “The experiences is completely different to, when you own a business and work for your own and also have people working under you as compared to when you work for somebody. So every aspiring entrepreneur should be willing to work really hard and be well prepared mentally.”


“Things are on track at the moment and I’m quite content. I never expected local brands to be attached to Fusion Store. I feel local products and brands are going to be a big thing in the future. The trend is just getting started and is only going to get bigger and better,” she stated.


Temsusenla Kichu is an epitome of hard work, vision and determination. She is definitely a fascinating woman who over a period of time has discovered exactly where she wishes to be when it comes to work. For now, she is looking forward to collaborate more with local designers and entrepreneurs and always up for a new challenge.