Do you believe that a new system of bureaucracy is needed to bring about positive changes in Nagaland?


 Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yes the system needs to be changed. What has happened to all those young and enthusiastic bureaucrats who joined the system with the zeal to change our state? It looks like the system has changed them rather than those individuals changing the system.


  • Yes, its the bureaucracy that runs the state. Well the politicians are there and they do come and go depending on whether the voters bring them back. Even then the politicians have to fit into the system that the bureaucrats have already created. In a place like Nagaland where majority of the legislators are novices in the area of governance, it is the bureaucrats that do most of the major decision making.


  • Yes, we need new system of bureaucracy with honest bureaucrats, then only some positive changes will come. Other states are progressing in every field with good water, electricity, good drainages, good roads, good health care even in government run hospitals. Its not too late, even now we all can work together to bring changes.


  • Yes, Corruption free and action oriented starting with NPSC.


  • Yes, we keep pointing our fingers at the politicians. This is correct to some extent. But the real power holders are the bureaucrats. Just check out the RD department.


  • I agree, not on the system of bureaucracy, but on new bureaucrats who possess enough courage and vision to bring about changes. The present bureaucracy, with exception to a few, is infested with political mendicants and mongrels, who are nothing but incompetent, inefficient and corrupt to the core. Except for their hollow words, we can expect nothing from them. A new breed is needed who, amongst others, can hold the legislators responsible for their deeds and not be afraid about their service status, since the law is there to uphold their status. Insofar as the system is concerned, changes may be needed but if other states are progressing with the same system, why can’t our state progress?


  • Yes being the largest Christian state and ironically one of the most corrupted state, we need a true leader who can bring out changes to Nagaland.


  • Yes these guys are the root of all corruption. They are unaccountable to anyone as long as they remain servile to the politicians and help them teach them new ways to steal. At least politicians have to face us every five years.


  • Pucca yes….80% of today’s bureaucrats are under performing and under qualified. we really need fresh and young people to run the state machinery.


  • Yes because the bureaucracy corruption can be more harmful than a politician.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • The main culprit is politic, so no matter what the bureaucrats do, will not affect much for changing our society.


  • No point blaming the system. We need dedicated and committed people to serve the society. We need honest bureaucrats in our state.


  • The problem is not about the system, it is the people manning the system that is the problem here. Remember, “the most practical, beautiful philosophy won’t work – if you won’t.”


  • No because there are multiple factors in play. For me I blame the training system to be at most fault. Unless the training academy for bureaucrats is changed, the system itself will not change.


  • Not even the best system in the world can save the Nagas because as long as our politicians siphon all the public funds into their private pockets nothing much is expected. Our politicians need to be thought a lesson during elections in order to have efficient and good governance. For any system to work effectively, it has to start from the top. But, do you think our netas will change, just for an opinion poll? Sadly no.


  • Every new political party takes time to bring about a positive change for the public.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • It is not only a new system but we need new training and a new breed of bureaucrats. Firstly the NPSC system needs to be updated and than the training that the probationers undergo at the ATI is sub-standard. The ATI should make use of getting Nagas from all walks of life to teach the probationers. Only getting former and current bureaucrats will not make any difference. The ATI needs to be more broad minded in scope and approach.


  • Yes and no.. Along with new system of bureaucracy we also need new departmental and governmental structures. As of now several corruption prone structures have been created during the last several years worth a sole aim to amaze wealth. Change of structure clean and transparent functioning of the government is very crucial. Unfortunately our system of functioning is to *arrest after committing crime and not prevention.


  • It is both yes and no. Yes because the system created that allows corruptions to go unnoticed need to be revealed and transformed. Because the dirty systems were designed and created to load public money. We need to be critical about systems such as “Civil Deposit” “Nodal or OSD” under different departments, etc. It looks so good and thoughtful of, but the hidden purpose in very interesting. We have systems for “blocking or diverting public development money” and systems for “taking away public money from the hands of government servants, contractors, business community and villagers. No because, whatever the system, if the “so called responsible people” are sincere and committed to their given duty and responsibilities, then no matter what, they can execute responsively and judiciously. It is sad to say that our “responsible leaders (both elected members as well as government officials) are still very immature when it comes to governance and management of the affaires. I don’t blame them because they are still very ignorant people. If they are true human, educated and leaders, they will not do these things. Again no, because whatever the system, unless responsible people are committed it will not work in Nagaland because public are still “very ignorant”. Just imagine, during the last one decade, our leaders are saying that “we are not receiving money from Centre” which is accepted by public as THE gospel truth. Whereas, looking from centre’s disbursement of money to states, we are receiving “more than we need”. We are very ignorant, living our everyday life as it comes. “IF Committed paper like Morung Express provide such space to public to express and reveal hidden agendas, I am sure many will come forward with genuine facts and figures.” It is time to name and shame individuals and not just “government”, “party” “department”.