Benreu Village Block Tournament kicks off

Benreu Village Block Tournament kicks off
The chief guest being introduced to the players of the inaugural volleyball match of Benreu Village Block Tournament on December 11.


Morung Express News
Peren | December 12

The Benreu Village Block Tournament kicked off on Monday at the village volleyball court with PS to the chief minister, Masangum Hiekha, gracing the opening ceremony as the chief guest.


A total of eight teams are taking part in the three-day tournament, which includes football and volleyball for men and volleyball for women.


The chief guest in his address said Benreu Village, a tourist village, is also one of the most blessed and biggest villages in Peren district. Masangum said the village has been blessed not only with natural resources and beauty but produced pioneers including late N Lungalang, the first Naga chief secretary and late Wizao Meru, the first headmaster among Nagas.


He also said Benreu being one of first villages among Zeliang villages to embrace Christianity, has helped in spreading the Word of God to neighbouring villages.


On games and sports, Masangum said without dedication, perseverance and discipline, a sportsperson can never excel in the game. Underscoring the importance of team camaraderie and sportsmanship spirit, he said in the long run, winning or losing does not matter but what counts is participation and sportsmanship spirit. He exhorted the players to play with all fairness and not to resort to ugly tactics just for the sake of winning.