Berem- Your Accessories by Chubalemla

Berem- Your Accessories by Chubalemla
Chubalemla Kichu, owner of Berem- Your Accessories.


Morung Express Feature

Mokokchung | January 5


This is the story of a young lady whose account of struggle against odds, survival and eventual triumph is inspiring people, giving them hope and courage to fight for endurance. Like any other self-made and aspiring entrepreneur, her stories are often full of heartaches, struggles and determination. Meet Chubalemla Kichu from Khensa Village under Mokokchung District, owner of Berem- Your Accessories.


Losing her father at the young age of 14 made life hard. Her mother was left alone to take care of her along with a younger brother and sister.


While making ends through with great effort, Chubalemla had to face another obstacle when she was pursuing her bachelor studies in People’s College, Mokokchung Town. She was forced to discontinue her studies due to health problem, leaving her wrecked with broken hopes and dreams. However, fate had a better story for her in store. She found hope in the place where she least expected and thus, Chubalemla embarked on the journey to self-discovery.



During the period of illness, she spent most her time making accessories like hair bands and clips for her friends and cousins. “It was during this circumstance, I was frustrated but my family and cousins started noticing my gifting and they encouraged me to start a page in facebook to promote my products,” Chubalemla recollects with a thankful note.


Sharing about the genesis and source of her enterprise, Chubalemla says that since early childhood she enjoyed her own little creative adventures, exploring herself and her surroundings. “Every little thing around the house was a compass upon which I would try my creative ability, trying to create something out of nothing. As I got older and entered college, I started trying my hands at new skills, particularly in earring making and other such accessories. I considered every improvement a success and always wanted to make more. Initially, I did it all for fun but gradually I took myself more seriously; I knew I had to find a way to help my mum,” she stated.


“It was in the summer of 2016 that I pulled up my socks and decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship by selling my products commercially. I am so glad I did,” she said with a sigh while adding, “Naturally, I was nervous at first, but I decided to go ahead with risk. The first few products took a little time to sell, but slowly things started to pick up pace as I got my first orders through my Facebook page (Berem-Your Accessories).”


Today, Berem products ranging from Rs.100-200 are available in Dimapur, Kohima, Zunheboto, Tuensang and Guwahati through outlets. It even reaches farther through the The beads used for making Berem accessories are brought from Rajasthan, Guwahati and some even from England. She added that her product’s prices are tagged are very reasonable because she wants to make it affordable for all. With a cheer in her voice, Chubalemla also informed that Berem products have recently started going outside of India.


Describing herself as a “still struggling entrepreneur,” Chubalemla envisions of empowering young Nagas by imparting trainings and creating employment opportunities as she continues to hold on to her passion and commitment to build a successful business and make a positive difference.

(One may contact Chubalemla Kichu at 7640933432 for placing orders.)