‘Beyond Books’ launched at GHS Pughoboto

Pughoboto, June 10 (DIPR): Minister for Roads & Bridges, Y. Vikheho Swu launched ‘Beyond Books’ for Aphuyemi A Thuwu-No funded under LADP 2017-18 at GHS Pughoboto on June 8.


Speaking on the occasion, the Minister stressed on the need to look forward to positive developments in future. He also urged the people to refrain from politicizing students’ development activities.


Joint Director H&FW Dr. Hotokhu Chishi, who was the main speaker, called upon the students to set ambitions and maintain healthy competitive spirit with one another. He also said that Pughoboto has seen a lot of positive growth in the last few years.


The main vision of ‘Beyond books’ is to enlighten minds to a sea of opportunities that wait beyond their scholastic academics. The objective is to visit all secondary schools in Aphuyemi area to sensitize them to a host of inherent unique gifts that each individual has and to contribute to the realization of dreams and aspiration for the betterment of Aphuyemis. Another objective is to convert various literary activities focused towards charting talents for all secondary and middle schools with activities like spelling bee, essay writing, quiz, painting, singing and debate competition etc.


ADC Avelu Ruho, SDO (C) Chonbenthung Ezung and EAC Tiayanger visited different schools in Pughoboto Town on the same day with the message of ‘Beyond Books’.