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Mesetsonyi Kapfo


Meet Octogenarian Litter Free Activist Mesetsonyi Kapfo


Chizokho Vero
Pfutsero | September 9


In a rare initiative, an elderly man, Mesetsonyi Kapfo regularly goes out in the morning and picks up waste papers and plastics and takes them home to burn it.


Belonging to Lekromi village and residing at Zhipa colony, Pfutsero under Phek district, 85 years old Kapfo is a true litter free activist.


Pfutsero, located 70 kms from Kohima, is the highest altitude town and the coldest inhabited place in Nagaland with sharp temperature drops during winter nights.


Kapfo, whose son is a Gynecologist serving in Mokokchung, hopes that his litter cleanup activities can inspire others, especially children, to be mindful of proper waste disposal and instill in them a sense of care for the environment.


“I was so inspired by this old man who always picks up waste papers and plastics to keep the town clean,” said Kelhikha Kenye, Vice Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Pfutsero. Kenye stated that he has observed the 85-year-old collecting litter regularly every morning. “He is a polite and humble man with lots of concern for the environment,” Kenye added.


Elders like him inspire the younger generation. There is so much to learn from people like him, Kenye said adding “We all must learn to do a little bit as responsible citizens to keep our environment clean.”


This is the first report of a fortnightly feature under the tag ‘BEYOND THE HEADLINES’