Does the Bible say about Cashless Society?

Dr. Tseibu Rutsa


For some years Bible scholars have been warning that mobile phones will play a part in the “Mark of the Beast.” We know that the modern world just cannot function without the mobile phones. Every aspect of people’s live is being controlled by this device. Society is leaving cash behind. We are able to buy and sell anything through this device without having to handle cash in our hands or being there physically to see or talk with the seller or buyer. Does that mean the Bible predict the world will go entirely cashless?


Revelation 13:1-18 – this chapter talks about the Beast, who is also called the Antichrist, and he will become the final human world ruler. The chapter reveals that no one under his rule will be able to buy or sell unless they take his mark, which is either his name or number involving 666 placed on their right hand or forehead.


Stop and think about that fact for a moment. If there’s cash, people will be able to purchase in the black market. The only way a person can control globally, is by instituting some sort of cashless society.


And, that’s basically where our society seems to be heading. Literally most people do not travel with thick wallet of money anymore. In the cities, people are buying and paying through their phones, credit or debit cards for almost everything. Today, most activities can be done without having to handle cash in our hands. Activities such as transferring funds, monitoring bank transactions, buying needs and wants etc online, can be done through the mobile phones without our physical presence. This century is almost a cashless society in many ways.


Some practical reasons exist for going cashless. For one, electronic cash prevents counterfeiting. Just think of all the disease that comes from handling money. Without cash the government can dry up the funding for the drug trade, terrorism activities etc. So there are some good logical reasons for going cashless.


One of the main reasons the world will soon head towards becoming a cashless society is, it will allow one man to control the entire world’s economy. Nobody can buy or sell unless they give homage to the Antichrist. To control people, he is going to have to institute some type of electronic system in order to control their money, which in turn will give him power to control their basic necessities. That system is the very system the society is heading toward at a rapid pace. All this indicates that the coming of the Lord is very near. It may be sooner than many of us may be anticipating.


Many people speculate that the “Mark of the beast” could either be a microchip, or a tattoo, or both . A tattoo would make sense because Apostle John could see it in order to describe it “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name (Revelation 13:16-17). Tied to an electronic system, the Antichrist can control people’s money supply with just the push of a button.


A cashless system almost guarantees obedience. Today we live in such a time period when the technology is there to actually make this happen.


The Mark of the Beast Today. We don’t even know who the Antichrist is. All these cashless movement by the nations actually is preparing the way for the Antichrist to appear soon and use the tools we have invented for his advantage. Therefore, we believe this movement is the perfect will of GOD to fulfil the prophesies in the Bible of what will happen in the last days as the nations move toward the cashless society.


The Mark of the Beast will not be forced; people when they take the Mark of the Beast will be accepting it voluntarily because without this mark they will not be able to function even for their most basic necessities. By taking this mark, they are going to be giving homage to the Antichrist.


Think about how good technology has been for mankind. Technology isn’t inherently evil. It is just how its users are going to be utilising it. We shouldn’t be paranoid thinking that every technology that comes along is leading to the Mark of the Beast. Antichrist mark will be so unique that nobody can duplicate it. We need not be worried about accidentally taking the Mark of the Beast, because we cannot. The Mark won’t even be instituted until the middle of the Tribulation, halfway in, and Christians will be rapture out long beforehand. But make no mistake the coming of the Lord is sooner than many people think. If you want to know how soon Jesus is coming to earth. Read Mathew 24:1-51.