Biosecurity measures to be adopted by the farmers

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Biosecurity means any farm management practices which will prevent or limit the exposure of livestock animal to disease causing organisms such as virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. At times farmers overlook or neglect basic managemental practices resulting in various diseases condition in livestock farms.


Good managemental practices should always be an integral part of a livestock farm as it is least cost effective and help in minimizing to a great extent various diseases condition/mortality and enhance farmers profitability.


Some good management practices to keep disease away:

1. Construct the animal shed away from residential house/main roads. The shed should be dust free, concrete floor, properly ventilated and with sufficient sunlight


2. Purchase healthy disease free stock and from well reliable sources


3. Daily proper cleaning and disinfection of the shed/water and feeders trough


4. Restrict the entry of visitors, execept those involved in day-to-day activities of the farm


5. Use trap and bait outside the farm house to prevent rodents and other vermin to enter inside the shed


6. Do not intermix species in the same farm like chicken and duck/cattle and pig etc. because diseases of one species may pass to the other species


7. Never compromise on the quality of the feed. Water should be potable clean water


8. Strictly adhere to various vaccination and medication schedules


9. Proper and safe disposal of dead animal and effective management of farm waste products


10. Follow a daily time schedules always in cleaning, feeding so as to avoid stress in the animal