BJP Nagaland says faith can never be compromised

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 13 (MExN): BJP Nagaland has rubbished the allegations made by the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) branding the BJP with disruptive communal politics with a divisive agenda.


“The unsubstantiated allegations against BJP amply exhibit the desperation of NPCC, which is presently in ICU and on the verge of the grave,” Media Cell, BJP Nagaland stated in a rejoinder on Tuesday.


Stating that rattled political rivals were indulging in cheap propaganda to tarnish the image of the party in an effort to prevent it from coming to power, the BJP maintained that Naga leaders elected with BJP tickets are Christians and “our faith can never be compromised rather we strive to reform and transform the system with accomplished goals.”


Turning its guns on the Congress, the BJP recalled that the INC ruled the state in the past but failed to deliver development up to people’s expectation and instead “… seeded corruption in the system during their regime in the late eighties and this practice is still widespread.”


Stating that the politics of the previous Congress governments in the state was characterized by empty promises, rhetoric, bribery, publicity-stunt crowds and defection, the BJP said NPCC therefore has no arguments to face the people as their past performances of governance failed miserably.


On the Naga political issue, the BJP alleged that the Congress kept it in abeyance during the Dr Manmohon Singh regime. It claimed that only after BJP came to power under Prime Minister Narendra Modi did talks progressed expeditiously, decisively and now nearing conclusion by taking along all stakeholders.


“For decades, Congress played delay tactics on the Naga Political issue. It was former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who recognised the uniqueness of the Naga political issue.”


Also reminding the Congress that BJP Nagaland was set up in 1987 and has been part of the DAN alliance since 2003, the BJP said it is baffling that the communal tag on the party has received a lot of attention so suddenly when polls are due in three weeks.


The BJP also termed the eagerness of NPCC to reach out to NPF, once staunch rival, on the line of a secular front in the ensuing election “amusing.”