Why was I born in Nagaland, the “so called” Christian state?


– A wishful thinking of a young Naga boy


Jevito Shohe


Why was I born in a state where people have sold out their rights for a bottle of whiskey and long-filtered cigarette just for a few months during the election year only to go back to Lahorijan plastic rum and Shankha Biri; and to the old tin-roofed house where Bastenga, Anishi and Axone in plenty of water is the menu; “after elections are over”; and when we crave for meat, one small Burmese tin fish is savoured by 10-12 of us?


Why was I born in a state where the people who were supposed to rescue us plays musical chair, and merry-go-round; when our houses were underwater and all our small meagre belongings destroyed; and when the only bridge which connects me to my school is gone. By the time I reach school I’m so tired, as I have to start at least one and half hour early to reach my school in time. My suffering knows no bound it has increased three fold.


Why was I born in a state where my parents dress up and go to church on Sunday and have evening prayers at home and lectures us to be God fearing and honest but their lifestyle is totally opposite to their teachings. From Monday to Saturday, they cheat, bribe, embezzle public fund, and practice corruption. Why can’t my parents; instead of lecturing us to be a good Christians, lead and show us by living exemplary lives. Hence, my conception of Christianity is to teach our children to be honest and God fearing while I live exactly opposite to my teachings.


Why was I born in a state where all the good business spots and business establishment are run by non-locals? Why can’t the owners of commercial buildings rent out to us? My parents are always discussing about unemployment but rents out their best commercial shops to non-locals. Of late, I see many of my elder brothers and sisters working as salesgirls and salesmen in shops owned by non-locals. I fear that one day I will be their slave. Why can’t my parents do something before it is too late? I don’t want to grow up at all. I would rather die than be a slave of the non locals.


Why was I born in state where everything is a lie? In school I was taught that prohibition means to forbid by law or to stop doing. But in reality I see that which is prohibited is found plenty and available in all nooks and corner. As confused as I am with the brand of Christianity we practice, I am now puzzled about prohibition. Its meaning and practice is an exact opposite; hence, to me, prohibition means “availability or plentiful”.


If only I was born in Manipur, Meghalaya or Mizoram, I could have represented India in any kind of sports. I was born with God gifted natural talent, yet I was not provided with the infrastructure and the grooming that I needed. I am also of the Mongoloid race, like the Chinese, who have dominated the world of sports. I and my contemporaries could have made a name for ourselves, our parents and our state, had we been born elsewhere.


Why was I born is a state where everything is topsy-turvy? I can’t understand what is right and what is wrong as I see that everything is in contrast to what is taught to me by my Parents, my Teachers, my Pastor and my Sunday School Teacher. The future looks so bleak. I see no future for me and my age group. I can foresee a future where I am a slave in my own land.