Botsa youth reiterates on Clean Election

Kohima, February 11 (MExN): The Botsa Youth and Sports Organisation (BY&SO) held an emergency meeting in connection with the ensuing 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly Elections and reiterated to support the clarion call for Clean Election being propagated by the NBCC and the various organizations.


The meeting was held on February 11 at Botsa Village where it was resolved that no bona-fide voter of Botsa Village shall accept money or any form of material inducement for voting. “No candidate or political party shall lure our village voters with money or any form of material inducements and No political party or candidate shall set up election related camps within the jurisdiction of the village,” the meeting resolved.


Botsa Youth and Sports Organisation president Kevikhrielie Rio and Vice President Kholieo Kense in a press release said that “violation of any of the above by any individual of our village candidates or political party shall strictly be dealt with as per resolutions of the village.”