Boundary dispute between Signal Angami, Kashiram settled

Boundary dispute between Signal Angami, Kashiram settled
Members of KVC and SAVC along with elders and the legal counsels of Signal Angami and Kashiram villages at the programme commemorating the signing of boundary agreement at Kashiram village, Dimapur on September 30.


Mantra: Peaceful co-existence and good neighbourly relations


Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 30


A long running boundary dispute between two villages in Dimapur finally came to a close on mutually agreed terms. The dispute between Signal Angami village and Kashiram village was amicably settled after the two villages resorted to dialogue in the interest of communal harmony.


A programme commemorating the settlement was held on September 30 at Kashiram, wherein the two villages inked a deed of agreement.


Leaving aside differences, co-existing and helping each other for the greater good of the community in general were at the heart of the programme today.


The Head GB of Kashiram village, Tali Ao recalled how the two villages at one point of time viewed one another apprehensively. While expressing happiness that it has been put aside, he added that the two villages would further cultivate and strengthen the newfound good neighbourly relationship.


Keneichosul Sophie, chairman of Signal Angami also stated that the objective henceforth would be to co-exist in harmony. In this regard, he exhorted the youth of the two villages to shed past misgivings and look to a future of shared camaraderie and brotherhood in the interest of all. Recalling how Signal Angami came into existence, Sophie said that the village traces it origin to the British Raj.


He said that back in the 1930s, the British had stationed a Signals company of its colonial army in the present day Signal Angami. After the Signals company vacated the station following World War II, the British authorities allowed Mikir (Karbi) settlers to inhabit the place. However, he added that the settlers abandoned the place during the 1950s when the Indo-Naga conflict began. Signal Angami came into being after Angami Nagas settled in the area towards the end of the 1950s, he said.


As per the report of the joint committee, constituted by the two villages, the Signal Angami Village Council (SAVC) and Kashiram Village Council (KVC) at the initiative of the former held a consultative meeting on July 1, 2017. It resulted in the formation of a 10-member committee with representatives from both the councils. “The committee was entrusted to look into every aspect of the boundary issues between the two villages and to submit the final boundary settlement plan (demarcation) to the respective village councils for approval.”


During the course of dialogue, the report said that the KVC acknowledged “the traditional boundary and all the past Agreement/Documents of SAVC but requested the SAVC to consider the nullah-westside of High Mountain School as the permanent boundary between the two villages.” The KVC request was then referred to the SAVC for further deliberation, the report said.


The SAVC subsequently proposed “The approach road from Army cantonment road to the boundary wall of Imtiwati Jamir and touching the nullah of High Mountain School at the southeast side of Kashiram village.”


According to the joint committee’s report, the KVC while accepting in principle the proposal requested the committee for time to get the approval of the village.


The SAVC proposal was approved by Kashiram village, finally resulting in the two villages entrusting its respective legal counsels to draft the boundary settlement agreement. The agreement was signed today with elders and council members from both the villages witnessing the event.