By only one life

Rev L Suohie Mhasi

The heaven and the earth are existing by ONE LIFE only and unknowing the LIFE is the greatest loss to mankind and knowing Him is the greatest asset and happiest life for mankind. To the men and women who really know God, the world is beautiful and His creations are beautiful. All human races are beautiful and worthy of compassion.

How beautiful the sun rise and sun set, moon rise and moon set, cycles of day and night and yearly seasons; Oceans and seas are roaring every day and night with waves of water keep on rising up and down and beating the shores are natural greetings to the ONE LIFE the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Do men and women who are created after the image of God really know God? The different peoples and nations are proud of their different entities and sovereignty, their economic power, defense power, nuclear power even at the risk of economic crisis, technological achievements and racial power. But nothing is heard about praising of the only ONE LIFE by whom only the nations are existing.

The world is inevitable to face natural calamities and climatic changes. But all these are not beyond the control of God but all creations are existing according to the wisdom and power of God. If the inhabitants of the world really know that He is the Creator, their God and Lord, they will believe in Him, praise Him, love him, fear Him and honour Him and at any time of need they will look up unto Him and pray to Him as their beloved Father. If it is the will of God, He will hear the prayer of His children and their prayer can be answered and the predicted catastrophe can be averted.