CAGBU seek cooperation for NH 39 road works

Dimapur, December 9 (MExN): The Chümoukedima Area GBs Union (CAGBU) has requested all village councils along the NH 39 to assist in its improvement works so they can be facilitated unhindered. The Union also appealed to the government to “execute the project earnestly and to see that the project is completed on time and to ensure quality workmanship.”


A press release from Atso Gwizan, CAGBU General Secretary, LP Therie, Vice President and Tokishe Achumi, CAGBU President, today stated that they “greatly appreciate the pace at which work for improvement of the Dimapur city portion of NH 39 from Purana bazaar to Chathe bridge has been carried. This portion of the Highway is vital and indispensable for development of the area and needs to be taken up on priority basis.”


Acknowledging that the public and commuters are “facing inconveniences with dust and bumpy roads,” they stated that “this is inevitable part of the development.” The CAGBU requested the contractors to make sure that “water is sprayed at regular intervals to minimize the dust” and the public to “patiently bear with it.”


The Union also requested contractors to “strictly comply with the specifications laid out regarding the width and thickness of the road at the same time the public are requested to clear their properties that falls inside the proposed expansion of the road.” They maintained that “these inconveniences can be solved with early completion of the works for which the public’s support and co-operation is a must.”


The CAGBU assured its “full support” to the works and appealed to all citizens to “cooperate with the government in this project to ensure timely completion of the work as this is for the welfare of all the people.”