A call for clean election

S. Pahrii Sapa

In spite of many meeting and resolution to boycott the general election, our brethren Nagaland is going through election. It will be a test for each one of us. It is sad that many are planning to make money in the election. It would be a test of our kind of person. Everyone has a responsibility to change our society. Every adult who has voting right has something to do for our society and we are responsible for. Corrupted election roots all other corruptions.


Before voting our valuable votes, let us consider and ponder how we are doing and living. We were living a first class lives in our land. We have best development in our land. But now the entire developmental programs are at its worst. Life become harder and there is more fighting among us.


Last month, I drove down to Dimapur for a personal work. Almost all things are not like before. Roads torn, market prices unfair. There is always paper war among ourselves. There were report of election related matter. Who is to blame for all these deformities? We need to correct those evils. And to correct we need a godly leader and we are responsible to elect our leader. Who we elect will be our leader. Voters are stepping stone to build our society. Our valuable vote is our future.


According to Abraham Lincoln: ‘Democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” In the dictionary definition, democracy “is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” The followings are pillars of democracy. Sovereignty of the people. Government based upon consent of the governed. Majority rule. Minority rights. Guarantee of basic human rights. Free and fair elections. Equality before the law. Constitutional limits on government. Social, economic, and political pluralism. Accordingly, when the government is corrupted we are to accept the blame coz we elect our leaders. We cannot blame the government but ourselves. People are the government.


I want to point few reasons why we failed to keep free and fair election. The first and the saddest story in our land is that most of our voters were bribed. We cannot vote for a right person. We start the corruption. The candidates spend lots of money to buy votes and not development after they were elected. In the last election money flies as if Barak Lily blooms (Beipa Pa soude) A popular saying of Liyai. Barak Lily is a rare variety of flower found in Liyai. When it is matured there are hundreds of thin flyable silky seeds inside, when break it flies in hundreds and thousands. Monies were thrown to every families and individuals. I believed many cast their valuable vote to the person who is not consent with their mind but because they got the highest amount of money. I want to say that each of us has a responsibility to correct our society. As in my previous article “When everyone does a bit the world will be a better world.”


Second sad part is that leaders who suppose to correct and work for the truth mirth in all evils. Leaders block all benefits that flow from the source and never let it flows to general public. Selfish leaders frightened the public and force to accept the bribe during election thinking that they will not be benefited after all. Leaders have greater responsibility than the public. Nagaland is doing great in enjoying money. But think how life will be after some decades?


Thirdly, I want to say that our national workers play a major role in deforming the election. I really honour and support the national Issue. But we are not satisfied with their works because different national workers have different candidate as national issue. We really confused who is the right candidate and issue. It will be the best if they can mobilize people right from the initial stage if we need so, instead of menacing voters for votes.


Fourth, last but not the least, I want to say Money and power or God? We must decide who is the source of our happiness? Is money and power the pacifier of your life? Do you have satisfaction in your life with such asset? Remember God is the only source of our happiness in life. Money cannot save you. Happiness and satisfaction is a matter of life. The choices you have today is very important in your life. Choose God rather than money. The Bible is calling us today to choose life rather than death. Winning election is not the solution of your life but God.


So, as you are preparing for election, let us pray to have clean election so that our elected leaders work for us. It’s time we enjoy the best development in our land. It is time that we all live in a ceiling and plastered house. On Palm Sunday Jesus cleansing the temple is a clear example that Jesus is against the corruption. Jesus is not against anybody but against the wrong. We need to imitate our Lord in fighting the corruption.


Politicians must polish not pollute the politics. It is not wise to talk about corrupted people and government but to find out the root cause of it. We must turn back and think why not the right things are? The Bible is warning us to “Make hay while the sun shines.” We need to mend before it is too late or else we be struck down. If present phase of corruptions/evils go uncheck we will be no people in near future. Let us be true to democracy and let democracy works its concept.

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