Campaign for clean polls in Dimapur municipality

Campaign for clean polls in Dimapur municipality

Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 19


In another step forward towards Clean Election Campaign which was started by NBCC and emulated by various organizations, the Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation (DUCCF) and GB Union Dimapur (Sadar) have come together to further the cause in the Dimapur municipality.


In this regard, the first coordination meeting of the two bodies on Clean Election was held at Lotha Hoho Ki, Dimapur on Friday. During the meeting, it was decided that a Core Group comprising of colony council members, GBs, women leaders, youth leaders, Church leaders and intellectuals would be formed in each colony with around 20-40 members. The Core Group would meet women, mothers and youth of its respective colonies and call for a general meeting of the colony to strategize on the Clean Election movement. Some of the pledge points to be taken during the campaign included; not enrolling names in multiple constituencies, one man one vote, not to sell or buy votes, no proxy voting, no booth capturing, not to force anyone to vote against his/her wishes and no to use of alcohol during elections.


The Joint Forum of the two bodies on Clean Election will also come up with a “Pledged Sticker” to be pasted at the main entrance door of every household which have taken the pledge. The Forum will also rope in various communities within the municipal business area.


Exhorting the gathering, DC Dimapur, Kesonyu Yhome IAS pointed out the system of election, which was quite simple as to go and vote as per one’s choice have been made very complicated by the public themselves who indulge in every possible means of electoral malpractices. “The Clean Election campaign itself reflects that election is not clean and it is time to cleanse it,” he said and noted that the campaign has been successful in some areas.


Yhome said that the people do not value their votes and do not bother whether their franchise has been exercised or not or if it was used by others. “The people do not have any right to blame the politicians after having indulged in unfair means during electioneering,” he added.


The DC also denounced the activities of government appointed GBs going around wooing voters and politicking. He appealed the gathered leaders to sincerely work towards bringing back the simplicity of election process.


DMC Administrator, Moa Sangtam said that the first step towards achieving clean election was the change of mindset towards election. “Government is a reflection of the people and instead of blaming the policy makers, we should first change ourselves,” he said.


Having taken over the DMC office recently, Moa appealed for support and cooperation and community participation in effective functioning of the municipal body.