Campus auditions for Miss Nagaland

Campus auditions for Miss Nagaland



The Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland (BASN) will be introducing the campus auditions for Miss Nagaland for the first time on August 12.


The four colleges which will be organizing the auditions are Alder College on August 12, Sazolie College, Jotsoma on August 21, Kohima Science College, Jotsoma on August 26, and St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama on August 25.


With the objective to produce more quality contestants in the Miss Nagaland pageant, the audition is aimed at discovering potential contestants who not only will be able to contest in the beauty pageant but also represent the State in other national and international platforms.


The eligibility criteria for the auditions are: the participant should be a bonafide citizen of Nagaland, between the age of 18 and 25 years, should be unmarried with a minimum height of 5 ft 5 inches without heels.


Not all districts organize their beauty pageants, so the campus audition is also a chance for those districts to participate in the pageant, mentioned Lipok Lemtur at a press conference in Kohima on August 7.


Having completed 25 years last year, BASN has consistently been organizing the Miss Nagaland pageant ever year 1991. “Usually the participation has been open to all but with a view to select the best and most qualified contestants, the BASN has come up with the Campus audition hoping to discover talented Naga girls who not only represent their district and the state but also represent the State in other national and international platforms,” said Melekhoto Pucho, member of BASN.


Lanutoshi Lemtur, member BASN mentioned the activities of the BASN which not only focus on beauty pageants but also contribute to charity works. The winner of Miss Nagaland is currently the State icon for Clean Election Campaign as well as the brand ambassador for Disaster management. Further, the pageant is not just about the presentation and external beauty but also inclusive of the intelligence of the participants, it was stated.


“One of our aims is to see that our Naga girls also win national and international beauty pageants, we want to select the best. Most times, many of the girls shy away from the contest. We want to identify the potential girls, as there are so many opportunities to represent the State in other platforms,” added Pucho.


Tiarenla, member of the BASN and former beauty queen also highlighted the achievements of past winners in the last 25 years where the winners have been able to represent Nagaland in the North East, national and international forums.


After the preliminary audition, the main audition will be held on September 6. In the college auditions, interviews will be held and selection will begin. This will be followed by a final audition in November.


Most districts are expected to complete their beauty pageants by November so that the runners up can also participate in the final auditions. Meanwhile the district queens are given direct entry into the Miss Nagaland contest without appearing for auditions.


The auditions will depend on the quality of the participants, said the BASN team. They will select 20 to 30 participants if they are qualified enough. “The final auditions will be done after all the beauty pageants of the districts are completed. After the final auditions, the selected participants for the Miss Nagaland contest will be given trainings on grooming sessions, communication skills etc,” added the BASN team.


The Miss Nagaland pageant held every year embraces beauty with intelligence. The winner will receive more than Rs. 3 lakh along with gifts and citations.


(Morung Express News)