Can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (RRR) centres serve as one-stop solution for waste management in Nagaland? Give reasons


•    Take the example of Hyderabad market where vegetable waste are used to produce electricity and bio manure. For RRR to be implemented we first need to o sensitize the people about its benefits. Messages can be spread around the state through various social medias. With the advent of high speed internet we are now able to spread awareness about anything to the remotest parts of the state and so we need to take advantage of it. Plastic waste can be converted into road making material which is used in neighbouring state of Assam. These particular roads are very effective against rain. The municipal and town committees have to play a major role in collection of these wastes by making proper logistical arrangements like transportation, man power,. But for this to materialize, The state govt should set up bio-fuel plant and also recycling plant.. this will in turn create employment Generation too.

•    It's a good start. The pace will definitely pick up.

•    Yes it can if it is planned properly by taking the public into confidence. It also means the Municipal Council's must be dedicated not only through their words but through action. 

•    Each and every one should understand for the future. Triple RRR must be implement in all the district of Nagaland.
•    Because it helps in preventing generation of wastes


•    Nothing is being done at grassroot level. Basically, it's has to start at home.

•    No. The intention to reduce waste and to have some waste management policy is appreciated. But I do not think it will serve as a solution because majority of our Nagas are not educated in basic issues of civic management, cleanliness, and hygiene. A lot more work has to be done at the public level.


•    The irony is that women talk a lot but they throw things here and there, particularly their sanitary pads. It’s a female waste, they should do something not just throw a here and there and particularly the dogs would be the one littering it on other hand. Female folks you wear it than throw it or disposed it properly.

•    It will take time and will require consistent efforts by educating the masses and persistently reminding the citizens. The results will not come immediately. The policy needs a group of dedicated citizens and government officials in every village, town and city of Nagaland to work full time in making this happen.