Can the younger Naga generations overcome divisive politics?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    In addition to cultural ties, they are more connected by common languages, common interests, and modern lifestyle. As they have also become witnesses of the evils of factionalism and tribalism, they want something different.
•    But only if they learn ‘Right to vote’ as one person one vote.
•    The younger Naga generation are the children of the Naga National movement and are currently experiencing how the Naga movement has been reduced to factionalism and corruption. The younger generation has much to contribute and help the Naga people get on track by overcoming divisive politics. The older generation cannot do it anymore because their views are too narrow, tribalistic and full of personal gains. The younger generation has this chance to change all that if they are honest and sincere to themselves and to God.
•    yes definitely ..maybe after 100 years..or more.. not in our generation but in our great grandchildren’s generation..
•    Yes, every generation can only do what is possible during their time. It is not realistic to expect the younger generation to change everything, it will not be fair to expect them to do that because it is just not possible. But yes, if the younger generation can atleast start a new direction in which the Naga aspiration can be achieved without divisive politics, corruption, nepotism and tribalism, than at least the future will be brighter for the Nagas. The main task is to stop continuing in this same road, but to start a new one.
•    Yes. When pigs starts flying..nobody can. Please ask practical questions next time.
•    Yes, if they have the courage to face the truth and speak out the truth. These are difficult times were money and power are intoxicating and seducing the Nagas, and so the younger Nagas will need to overcome them if they are to make a better Nagaland.
•    Because we have learnt it from our today’s experience and have felt miserably upset. We knew it’s bad and that it can never develop us in any way. We are no more fools to be fooled again by our older generation’s experience.
•    Like father like son, the latter being virtually fed by the former in his formative days now find themselves difficult to dispel this divisive mentality, however wrong and myopic he may feel deep down as such a parochial mindset can never be wished away. We Nagas are all blameworthy for this present mess which is now ingrained in our psyche. In reality, we are too small if not too dangerous to play the divisiveness card at all levels. What may fellow Nagas agree with me is that we are all democratic by nature and believe through process of dialogue and reconciliation, any differences or issues can peacefully settle down. Likewise, the younger generation can one day break this shackles of political divisiveness once and force all for the good of future generation. Kuknalim.
•    If the present leaders knows how to forgive and admit their mistake  

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    No, these younger generations are just not willing to shoulder any responsibility and they dont care about the society at all. More and more these younger Nagas are becoming more individualistic and selfish and all they think is about their own self-interest. With this kind of attitude I only see further fragmentation of our society.
•    The future leaders of the Nagas are todays younger generation and the truth is that they are a "spoilt generation." I dont see any good coming out from them. Till date there are no strong and dynamic leaders that are willing to stand against the current mentality and mannerisms. They cant even stand on their own two feet. Its a tragedy.
•    Never. No country has. How advanced, educated or civilized a country maybe there is always a division. I dont see it happen unless we become a communist state or is rule by a dictator.
•    Since it is deeply rooted in our system, it’s very difficult. We need some youth highly intellectual, foreign educated, dedicated, in touch with domestic problems works sincerely to overcome divisive methods.
•    The present scenario looks too crooked for younger Nagas to change it in one generation.
•    The younger Nagas are blindly following their elders without asking any questions. This is a big shame. The younger Nagas at this rate will only become worse than their elders.
•    No…. Not In Dream. 4 The Sack Of God Love n Mercy. They R The Worst Generation. In Human Life.   
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    The younger Naga generation need to take a firm step. They need to take the positive values of the past generations but must not follow the same divisive politics of the past. This generation of today’s Nagas are going through a very crucial time. Unfortunately there are not too many leaders that are coming up. The younger generation must mold their own leaders so that some change can take place.
•    IF the younger Nagas are prepared to learn from the mistakes of their elders and rectify the direction, than the younger Nagas are in the best position to overcome divisive Naga politics. The younger Nagas will have to be resolute, determined and courageous to transcend divisions.
•    Today’s Nagas need to stand up for their rights and only then will they realize how far their elders have strayed away from the path of righteousness
•    The present crop of Nagas are not interested in the welfare of the people, they are only wanting their own, and this selfish attitude will be their fall.
•    A young Gen-X student leader hoping to become a mainstream politician was involved in kidnapping for ransom which must have been going on for a while. How do we expect any change for such mindsets. Most of our present goons were at one time student leaders.