Career Dilemmas

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir


Which stream should I go for? This will be one of the main questions which must be going on in the minds of those who have cleared the Class X exams. It creates a dilemma because this is the most crucial stage in order to acquire a solid grounding for building ones career. And often the dilemmas are compounded by certain factor like parent’s choices coming in the way of one’s interests. There are also financial constraints that discourage students from opting the subject and the place of study of their choice. There are many more serious considerations creating career dilemmas. With an alarming number of ‘educated’ unemployed youths in the state, choosing the right stream and career becomes more challenging. This problem may even discourage one from studying the field of his or her interest due to limited job prospects. Sadly, education is primarily viewed from the prism of job rather than employing education as a tool to unlock the mind towards envisaging ones potential.


Choosing the right stream and career will have a long lasting impact during the pursuit of education. The ‘will’ finds its place where there is real interest and motivation. A wrong move in the choice of stream often leads one to quitting their studies midway and makes way for frustration. Choosing a particular stream out of peer pressure or pressure from parents and not going by one’s interests and potential will ultimately become the ‘burden for life.’


Being part of a life process, first and foremost, trying to find answers to the question ‘who am I’ will add value and meaning to life and thereby productivity. As such, self awareness becomes the vital conduit to knowing oneself even while choosing one’s career path. This involves identifying ones interests and understanding ones skills and aptitudes. This analysis should form the basis while taking a decision. Identifying ones interest can be the most difficult thing. There are people that have not found their interest in life while there are those who have too many interests. But, the fact that choosing a career path is for life and livelihood too, and that should set the tone to place interest/s in perspective, and also to convert the ‘decision’ into right action. A thorough strength-weakness analysis is needed to bring out the right combine of Interest, Skill and Aptitude. This will go a long way in choosing the right path towards building ones career and also a successful living.


There will be clash of interests within and from outside as such it is necessary to take guidance from seniors, teachers, experts and parents and have proper discussion so that confusion and doubts can be erased. Let it be known that there is no bad stream or good stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. It is all about choosing the right stream giving due warrant to all the dilemmas which requires both knowledge and wisdom. After all, nobody would want to be placed in a wrong career path that will make one a ‘wasted life.’


(Dr. Asangba Tzüdir writes a weekly guest editorial for the Morung Express. Comments can be mailed to