Cargo proprietor clarifies to NSCN-K (Khango)

Dimapur, September 18 (MExN): The proprietor of Star Cargo Nitovi Aye today denied what he termed as “baseless allegation” leveled against him by the NSCN (Khango) and falsely accusing of collecting revenue on its behalf.

‘This clarification is issued in the interest of all and to set the records straight. That I had opened the Star Cargo Transport in 2016 and I have been running the business as a proprietor,’ Aye stated in a clarification.

According to the clarification, shortly after the formation of NSCN-K (Khango), Aye paid Rs 30,000 towards the particular group for the month of February and March 2023. 

The proprietor also claimed that on June 6, 2023, two of his staff were kidnapped but released later after his intervention. 

He also alleged that the next day, he personally went to negotiate with them as they allegedly “demanded” Rs 5 lakh monthly to the group. “I requested them that I can afford to pay only Rs 50 thousand but despite several pleas it was flatly rejected,” he added.

Further on September 13, Aye alleged that the NSCN-K (Khango) kidnapped one of his staff but he was later released after the intervention of State Police. “The transport business run by me is my source of income and I have never collected any money in the name of any faction,” he asserted.  “If anybody is misusing my name or my transport business for fraudulent activities, I will do everything in my capacity to find the ‘Imposter,’” he added, appealing the NSCN-K (Khango) to sincerely “pursue this matter to find the actual culprit who is bringing disrepute to the organisation and put an end to this matter.”

Further stating that allegations leveled against him is “very grave” and has “tarnished” his image “miserably,” Aye stated that should “any untoward incident happen to me, my family, business staffs or my transport agency, NSCN-K (Khango) will be solely responsible and will have to bear full responsibility.”

It must be noted here that on September 17, NSCN-K (Khango) cautioned Aye to stop “collecting revenue on behalf of the Naga Political Groups, especially in the name of the NSCN (K),” accusing him of misappropriation and non-authorisation, among others.