CASU inspects schools under Chen subdivision

Mon, May 16 (MExN): Chen Area Students’ Union (CASU) had under taken an inspection tour to villages under Chen subdivision on April 29 and 30. JCPI in a press release issued by Joseph Konyak President and W Tawang, General Secretary stated that alongside with development, the inspection was mainly carried out to educational institutes within Chen area. As per the report received from the unit students’ union, funds received by villages from different departments were found to be implemented judiciously.

In the educational sector, inspection team found out that schools namely: GPS, GMS and GHS were running with insufficient number of teachers. GHS Chen Headquarter and GHS Chingkao was running without Head Master and Assistant Head Master for the past many years and there was no authority to control and run the institute, the release stated. GHS Chenloisho was found to be headed by Assistant Headmaster where he was found to be absent. Most teachers in GPS, GMS and GHS were learnt to be keeping proxy/substitute.

The Union also found out that in some schools, after the retirement of incumbent teachers, no replacement was done which hamper the progress of the schools. Some teachers and non-teaching staff were found to be absent without leave or prior permission from the authority to which CASU shall initiate appropriate action. The union further appealed the concerned department to deploy adequate number of teaching staff in schools within Chen Area so as to enable to impart quality education.