Check Defection

In a significant court verdict, a full Bench of the Karnataka High Court recently upheld the disqualification of five independents from the State Assembly. It held that the legislators, “by their action”, “formed part” of the Bharatiya Janata Party and consequently their withdrawal of support to the government attracted disqualification. For a State like Nagaland […]

Climate Change Governance & Mindset Change

An “inception workshop on state plan on climate change (SAPCC)” was conducted on February 18 at administrative training institute (ATI) Kohima with several important people in attendance including Forest Minister and top officials of the Nagaland government. According to reports, the deliberation of the workshop will be taken forward towards preparing a State level action […]

Transformative Praxis

The historical dividing issues between Indigenous people and the State system are a reality that is being relived by the descendants of indigenous nations. The lack of will to address the indigenous issues has led to reactive politics, which has become an obstacle to change. There is an erroneous perception which assumes that all indigenous […]

Confronting Monologue!

One reason why Nagas in recent times find themselves in a perpetual state of arrestation is because of the manner in which ‘monologue’ has become so embedded into the ethos of daily life. Indeed the healthy and dynamic practice of dialogue which was central to the Naga way of conducting human affairs has over time […]

Is Nagaland Shining?

Nagaland like the rest of the Northeast Region has tremendous scope for economic development. More than 50 years of State hood and the reality on the ground however do not give us the confidence to project Nagaland as a developed State. Many times we hear our politicians complaining about meager funds being given by the […]

Flying Rupees & Figures

With the end of another financial year round the corner and a new budget expected soon, it is only expected that people would want to know about the state of our finances and how our government has been managing public money. And because information on our State’s finances is usually kept top secret, it is […]

Economic Crimes & Moral Bankruptcy

Many things have been said about extortions and kidnappings for ransom. No doubt all these are crimes which should not be tolerated in a civilized society. As rightly mentioned by Nagaland’s Home Minister Imkong L Imchen recently, tough action including arrest should be made against any individual or organization found ‘collecting money’ from public, in […]

Welcome Checks

In what should be seen as a positive development as far as running the affairs of the country is concerned, the ‘independent’ judiciary as the third wing of the government has stepped into its role of putting a check on the political executive so that the latter does not overstep its power and that it […]

A Shared Future

IN testing times such as our present predicament, we as a people are confronted with the daunting question: Is peace possible? The response is: Do we have a choice? Invariably, if Nagas are to ensure their continued survival as a people, the only option is to ensure that peace is possible. Peace is not just […]

A Free Press

Journalists around the world in varying contexts risk their lives daily in unprotected situations to act in public interest by bringing stories, to share experiences and to impartially report unfolding situations with the hope to inform and empower people to make knowledgeable decisions and actions. It is the desire of most journalists to reveal the […]

What Now for Egypt?

President Hosni Mubarak’s decision to finally step down from power is significant. As mentioned by many people, including world leaders like US President Barack Obama, the removal of the once powerful Hosni Mubarak is history in the making. Who would have ever imagined that a President, who was saddled in power for the last thirty […]

Techno Drive

In the last one decade or so, we have seen a tremendous growth of technology permeating into every aspect of our lives. Further there has been vast improvement in the area of computer and mobile technology. All this has helped in improving work output and efficiency as never seen before. Given the advantages that technology […]