Going past the death penalty

Imlisanen Jamir The number of times that India has been struck by horrific sexual crimes has been too many. While not receiving much attention in the country, the same can be said of Nagaland too.   And every time such horrifying rapes and murders make the news, the people at large have been riled up […]

A comatose society

Witoubou Newmai Knee-jerk reactions, not attempting to understand beyond through critical appraisal or lesson unlearned from to unfolding events is the archetype of a near comatose or insentient society. Undeniably ours is one society that waits for the ‘collapse of bridge’ to precede the ‘concerns’ of planners and policymakers. Unfortunately, more often than not, even […]

No political ‘will-power’

Imkong Walling Energy is elementary for development – industrial growth in particular. No civilisation can afford to ignore this aspect in the developmental trajectories.   With that in context, it would be interesting to introspect on how Nagaland has fared in the energy (read electricity) sector. It has brought artificial lighting to homes and facilitated […]

Walking the Naga Day

Reconciliation First then Solution   Building upon ‘rhetoric’ the Union Minister of State for Home has added another rhetorical block to the Naga political issue saying that the centre will come up with “tangible solution” to the protracted Naga political problem within the ambit of the “Framework Agreement” during the tenure of the Modi government […]

It’s that time of the year again

Imlisanen Jamir If there’s anything to learn from the summer of 2017, it was how underprepared we were as a state to deal with the forces of nature, which owing to climate change on a global scale, have become increasingly violent and unpredictable.   We are only over a month away from that time of […]

Note on a Ranking

In a creditable feat, the Nagaland University (NU) was ranked 95th on the list of India’s 200 top universities in the third edition of National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2018. A total of 301 universities participated in the process. It did not feature on the previous two occasions.   Even more commendable was a statement […]

The future of Naga Society 

Witoubou Newmai The prevailing situation of the Nagas is close to the core content of Jared Diamond’s book, ‘Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive/succeed’.   Whether to survive or to fail, the choice is for the Naga people and its organizations. Do we choose to recommit to the main discourse of the Naga […]

Foothills Road, remember?

By Imkong Walling   The maiden session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly was held with great fervour. The buzz was of a raucous and productive session, more so, over the fact that the NLA got a clearly formidable opposition following a supposedly dull 12th NLA, which for a major part of the term had […]

In ‘public interest’?

The People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government of Nagaland appears to be a stickler to established procedure and criteria. This, in a nutshell, would explain the alacrity of the missives by those at the helm of state’s affairs to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) seeking removal of the State’s top cop.   The action, as […]

Act now on the Dimapur waste conundrum

Imlisanen Jamir There are many wonderful things about Dimapur. Its cosmopolitan nature, its burgeoning trade community, and its ramshackle border town experience that’s both nauseous and exhilarating.   There are also problems that come with the—let’s say ‘growth’—of an unorganized urban centre like Dimapur, with its dirt and waste and smell overwhelming the senses.   […]

Towards Universal Health Care

“Health Is A Human Right. No One Should Get Sick and Die Just Because They Are Poor, Or Because They Cannot Access the Health Services They Need,” goes the strap of a statement issued by the State’s Directorate of Health & Family Welfare (H&FW) on the occasion of “World Health Day” (WHD) on April 7. […]

The same old deal

Witoubou Newmai High-octane campaigns to ‘address’ the hill-valley divide have been the hallmark of the first year of the Biren Singh Government in Manipur. The Government celebrated its first anniversary on March 15.   Under the ‘Go to Hills’ slogan of the State Government, the Chief Minister and his ministers visited several places in the […]