I call her darling; She call me dustbin

Aheli Moitra   Why Methaneilie rocks   As the chill set in on December 1, Naga legend, Methaneilie Solo Jütakhrie, set up his four-member band at the Dimapur District Sports Complex (DDSC). He was seated in the middle of the stage when it lit up. White suit, white shoes and a white guitar with three […]

Of Resistance and Activism

Asangba Tzüdir During the protests against holding ULB elections earlier this year, leaving aside the rationale of the protest, participation from the masses, whether forced or willing, was intense, and precious lives were lost. Conversely, the current situation of corruption, crumbling infrastructure and rolling blackout have hijacked normal life and reduced it to a bare […]

Giving new meaning

Imkong Walling It is interesting how language evolve. Words become obsolete; vocabularies get coined, gradually becoming part of everyday parlance. Blame it on an inclination for political correctness or wanton distortion of word meanings for no apparent reason; words which were erstwhile uttered without much ado are today considered improper, insensitive or have found place […]

Time to respect child rights

“Juvenile justice fractures as child ‘falls from height’” goes the headline of The Morung Express after a contentious episode involving a child in Wokha Town in October. Despite varying versions, it was established that laid down procedure were not followed by different stakeholders and juvenile justice was violated.   Most recently, when the Nagaland Board […]

Economic package & political aspiration

Witoubou Newmai The assurance of economic packages by the State Government of Manipur is evoking a sense of happiness among the Naga people in the south who are embroiled in critical issues such of land and identity.   But the larger question now is—can the Naga people in the south hold their usual chutzpah while […]

Neighbourhood irony

Aheli Moitra Neighbourhoods that the Naga people have come to share with various peoples in the region have come to be ridden with ironies.   Take the instance of Karbi Anglong in Assam. The Rengma Naga people, along with their Rengma Hills, signed an agreement in Arlongvoti with the Karbi people way back in the […]

India’s Northeast: Gateway to ASEAN

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   While other Northeast states are moving forward in the Act East Policy, Nagaland continues to be a ‘chicken neck of disconnect with the Northeast India.   Connected with the rest of India by a 22 km wide link known as the chicken’s neck, North-East India, with an estimated population of about […]

Enough is enough!

Imlisanen Jamir   It’s going to be a dark Christmas this year for people in Dimapur; literally.   Six hours of electricity a day is the daily rationing on which people of the town have been left to cope with. It has been an epiphany on how dependent modern civilisation has become on electricity from […]

Winter of Discontent

Nagaland would be the undisputed champion of agitation, Nagaland H&FW Minister recently quipped, the irony of his riposte obscured in his typical gaudy rhetoric. While the Minister has a point, he conspicuously hushed the raison d’être behind such actions – the ineptness and failure of a government to provide a decent state of affairs to […]

Politics of convenience

Witoubou Newmai Sedating situation sans justice, often enough, has been considered harmless fun in Manipur for a long time now. By considering such deliveries as achievements, concerned parties are, in fact, configuring the situation to a higher degree of counterproductive effect.   As long as the ‘stakeholders’ embrace the politics of convenience, Manipur will continue […]

Blooming the urbanscape

Aheli Moitra   The Naga hills are currently resplendent in cherry blossom. The pink blooms dot the central parts of the hills, turning churning rides into fluffy tales.   This ride is particularly enjoyable in Mokokchung district. While Mokokchung town leaves much to envy for those who inhabit any urbanscape, much of the other parts […]

Managing the Rolling Blackout

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   Power Blackout is holding people to ransom; a more organized load-shedding is required   If the fire had engulfed all the transformers in the recent incident, one may wonder what the government and the power department would have done. The mind can only flash the worst scenario possible in the aftermath, […]