Church & Dinosaur

As we all know, for the Naga people in particular, the Church is the main foundation which gives sustenance and support to everything else around it—whether it is the common people, our tribal bodies, civil society, our polity and even the government. Everything seems to revolve around the Church. We may be members of a […]

Referendum Against Corruption

Up until the morning of August 16, 2011, everything seemed to be in balance i.e. the public perception with regard to the respective positions of the Congress led UPA government and Team Anna Hazare on the contentious issue of the Lokpal Bill. While open differences exhibited itself on the Lokpal Bill send by the Union […]

Dangerous Landslide

As expected with the monsoon season, our roads and highways have been badly affected with landslides reported from across the State. One can very well imagine the condition of our roads in other parts of the State given that the national highway linking commercial hub of Dimapur to the State Capital Kohima is as bad […]

War, Criminals and Justice: Some Thoughts on the Balkans

On May 26, 2011 Serbian police entered a house in Lazarevo, situated in the north of the country and arrested an old man. The old man was General Ratko Mladic, the commander of the Bosnian Serb militia that was responsible for the bombing of Sarajevo during the bloody Balkan civil war that followed the break-up […]

Gandhi’s India

“Long years ago we made a pledge with destiny and now the time has come when we shall redeem our pledge, not in full measure but substantially… when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”. That was a quotation from India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his legendary ‘Tryst with […]

But what about freedom?

Well, what about it? As far as I’m concerned freedom doesn’t exist as an independent. If we’re talking soaps, shampoos and combs we get free on a purchase—costs there are not exactly hidden. Freedom of, and within, love, territory and madness? I can only think of hidden costs, boundaries and asylums in response. Whatever made […]

Whither Nuclear Energy?

August 6, 1945 is the day when the first ever atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima and three days later, a second bomb devastated Nagasaki. “Let all the souls here rest in peace, as we will never repeat this mistake” a message scripted on a commemorative plaque in downtown Hiroshima reads. An […]


How does one construct the memories of yesterday which is the past; how does one engage with today that is the present; and how does one prepare to face the mysteries of tomorrow? Perhaps the underpinning predicament lies in defining the purpose of existence and how one decides to involve in fulfilling that purpose. After […]

Problem of Dualism

Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of understanding; an understanding rooted in context and conscience. Both these convictions are located within an inclusive historical process and when it interplays with one another, it is capable of churning an energy which is responsible for perpetually causing the development of humankind. […]

In Search of Alternatives to Capitalism…

I had just begun college when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) imploded due to the weight of its bureaucratic contradictions in December 1991. Immediately, a barrage of celebratory narratives, many of which rejoiced the end of the Cold War and socialism, assaulted us. It disturbed me. Even in school, I remember being a […]

Politics of AFSPA

The office of the Naga Hoho (apex Naga Parliament) in a rare letter written to the Prime Minister of India has brought to the attention of the latter on the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958 (AFSPA). The Naga Hoho has rightly described it as “one of the more draconian legislations that the Indian […]

Home No More

Having been a homeless wanderer for nearly a decade, or perhaps the entire span of my life, a question most often asked to one such as me is where are you from? There starts the dilemma of a homeless wanderer, especially one who doesn’t really look like belonging to any particular ethnic group, if looks […]

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