Cultural Peace Models

Against the onslaught of many things modern, whether it is popular culture, political system or the bureaucratization of the individual and society, there is much truth in the saying that something’s are left untouched and be preserved as time honored assets of a particular community. In this context, it goes without saying that the Naga […]

Will to Fight Corruption

Recently Prime Minister Manmohan Singh led his council of ministers in declaring their personal assets on the official web site. Although many people may not be convinced about the actual wealth being disclosed, nevertheless it is a good beginning. The long term objective should be to encourage transparency and probity in public life and also […]

Killing Troy Davis in Georgia, USA

I have always opposed the death penalty for as long as I can remember. Yesterday, the state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis, a 42 year-old African American man, for a crime that he claimed he never committed. Today, I am even more convinced that those countries, lawyers, judges and jail staff who aid and abet […]

Raid & Assault on Dimapur

In our last editorial we had commented that the best solution to tackle crime in Dimapur is to improve the functioning of our police force and not to give too much importance to community policing and given that we cannot rely on the latter given whatever limitation/s we are faced with in our local context. […]

1994 isn’t just a number

It is a year of significance that held my attention for years after. I had completed a decade of my life and still not understood the meaning or purpose of examinations. Once after writing a paper on English Literature and finishing before time, I asked the invigilating authority (who happened to be a teacher of […]

Reinforcing Policing

As the commercial hub of Dimapur works on modalities to tackle crimes, the State Home Minister has once again pushed his case for introducing ‘community policing’. The Home Minister feels that if we can establish community policing, the “security situation of Dimapur will definitely improve”. The intention of our Home Minister is well appreciated because […]

Cleansing Dimapur of its Ills

The pages of our newspapers should be a good indicator of the moral character of our Naga society because newspapers report about real events and incidents. Newspapers try and report the truth. The last few days and weeks of our front pages is splashed with negative news ranging from rape, murder (even of your own […]

Kerala’s Christian CM

Even as the anti-corruption crusade led by social activist Anna Hazare makes its impact across India with a new found urgency to tackle corruption at all levels, reports about a few Chief Minister’s—Gujarat, Bihar and Kerala to be precise—taking bold steps to improve governance and promote transparency is indeed like a breath of fresh air. […]

Quickie Session

A few days before the one day sitting of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Session, which was held on September 15, 2011, the Leader of the Opposition from the Congress, Tokheho Yepthomi had observed that the present NLA was one of the poorest in terms of its performances. Whether this is true or not, only […]

What won’t a woman want?

Violence. Slavery. Sickness. Harassment. Discrimination. Basically most of the things that all types of societies want to keep at bay. Yet if women, against whom they’re specifically directed, ask for freedom from these factors are quickly termed psychotic or chaotic. If in denial of how deeply rooted discrimination against women is, read this conversation:They: Do […]

Public Vigilance & Govt’s Incompetence

After a prolonged silence spanning over many years the Government of Nagaland has finally decided to make its assertion on matters of governance. In the latest notification issued on September 8, 2011 the Government of Nagaland has cautioned civil society including students’ organizations pointing out that independent ‘non-local registration drives and issuing identity cards by […]

Fast Tracking Rail Project

The visit of Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi to Dimapur on Sunday, September 11, 2011 was quite unexpected. However the outcome of this particular visit seems to have been very positive. Due credit should go the Union Minister for taking all the initiative to come with the important officials of the Railway Ministry and thereby […]

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