Straight from the Heart

A band that has been around for sometime, Divine Connection is a Christian Rock Band with humble beginnings. Ever since it made its debut at Dream Café (Kohima) sometime around the autumn of 2004, the band has traveled the long road to success with quiet determination. Divine Connection is the name currently making waves In […]

Can You Let Go?

The book of Esther talks about a person named Mordecai. This person was a resident of Susa in Persia which is today Shush in Iran with a population of about 66,000. This is the place where Daniel, a contemporary of the prophet Ezekiel, saw one of his visions (Daniel 8:2). This is also the place […]

Trooper Survived ‘By Grace of God’

A state trooper in Tyler, Texas defines the phrase “lucky to be alive.” On March 22, Steven Stone was shot several times at point blank range during a traffic stop by the two occupants of the pickup truck he pulled over. The drama was recorded on his dashboard camera. Stone survived injuries to his chest […]

It’s not over yet!

When Israel was parched and rainless for years, a man of God named Elijah still had a brook beside him to drink from and ravens brought him bread and meat to eat (1 Kings 17). The entire country was wallowing in utter famine and lack. And there was this Elijah who was not bothered about […]

Intercession: The Power of Praying for Others

In Genesis 40, we read the story of a wrongfully imprisoned Joseph who, with God’s help, interprets the dreams of Pharaoh’s butler (cupbearer) and his baker. Joseph told the cupbearer that his dream indicated that he would be freed and restored to his position. After saying this, he told him, “But remember me when it […]

Christian Ethics

Although because we are human, doubts, misgivings and dismay, may assail on us, yet if we follow the Biblical way of life, we shall overcome the Christian way of life.The whole Bible is the most reliable character or road-map of Christian life. Outside of this there is no Christian life and its way.When a subject […]

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