Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up with it and choked the plants. Luke 8:7(This photograph is the creative work of MTakum Aier who takes great joy in doing everything for “the glory of God alone.
  • Praise Festival at Wokha town
    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord- Psalm 150:6Perhaps, for the first time in the history of Wokha Town, believers (youth) from different denominations are coming together for a cause ‘to let
  • China: Baby Corpses Reportedly Cannibalized for ‘Stamina’ Pills
    Chinese pharmaceutical companies are grinding up dead babies into stamina-enhancing pills, according to a South Korean television network. A documentary team from SBS TV, formerly known as Seoul Broadcasting St
  • Sunken Eyes and Laryngitis
    Mathew 27:32: “Now as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. Him they compelled to bear His cross.” Cyrene was a city in the present day Libya, North Africa. It was founded by the
  • Daddy’s Princess
    {A tribute to my dad, my superman}I know you’d be amused to hear me call you superman dad, I can almost hear a witty remark from you that you were so good at. Yes dad, you are my superhero. I remembe
  • Friendship
    “So, have you decided what gift to buy for Cassie?” Ron asked Grace, as he closed the door.Grace replied, “I have something in mind but I doubt it will be there in the gift shop.”“
  • God is interested in Nagaland’s doomed subsidy economy
    A young boy rubs his eyes as one of his family member looks on while waiting for customers to buy the local bamboo shoots and other vegetables and fruits in one of the marketing shed on the way to Mokokchung To
  • Living Sacrifice
    Jesus was held and brought before the chief priests, elders and the scribes. They were seeking a testimony to condemn Him and put Him to death. One after another people came forward and testified against Him. B
  • My God is great
    My friend and I were travelling in a bus. There was an old man sitting not very far from me. He was sitting by the window. We started our journey. Along the way I found him talking to himself. Then he popped hi
  • I fought the good fight of faith
    “To win in life one must reach the finishing line, but it couldn’t be that simple as you thought”. In today’s world many people are trying to reach the finishing line but took the wrong
  • Father, my Father
    “My friend prayed so hard. But after so many years, why God did not bless him with a good job and a good salary? Also why is the Pastor’s hair not growing back even after words were declared over hi
  • Striking balance between old and new can end worship wars
    I stood at the front of the church and watched as the congregation was led in a full slate of old hymns and familiar gospel songs. Nothing that ascended from us that morning had been composed since the 1950s. M
  • Routing
    My friend and I were going to Road No 12 at Banjara Hills a few days back to check a room for rent. So I opened Ovi Maps(a mobile software) from my Nokia handset. I set the destination and made the Ovi Maps to
  • Keep On Praying—a Breakthrough Is Near
    J. Lee Grady|Newsletters - Fire In My BonesDon’t lose hope. God has promised to answer when we persevere.So you pray for something for years and then you wake up one day, breathe a big sigh and say to you
  • Aaron Keyes on Dwell
    The last thing you want to do, in the middle of a fight, is... NOTHING. Unless, of course, you expect someone bigger to show up and fight for you. It’s an upside down principle, or so it seems, but for wo
  • How a terrorist became an evangelist
    Christianity is supremely a religion of conversion. Everything we say and everything we believe is built upon one fundamental and revolutionary premise: You don’t have to stay the way you are. Your life c
  • Reviewing the Crusade of a Sinner
    The recently concluded crusade organized by Anna hazare drew positive responses from the masses and the government alike. When the movement against corruption started, the masses gained the sympathy of the medi
  • Swim over the rivers of Babylon
    Psalm 137:1&4: “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion...How shall we sing the LORD’s song in a strange land?” Indeed we as followers of Christ
  • Jacob wrestling with God
    Is it possible to pray without saying any words? Yes. Fasting, for instance, is a kind of prayer without words and yet it is very powerful. Kick that up a notch and you have possibly the highest prayer level: w
  • The beginning of Global Day of Prayer
    In July 2000 God captured the heart of a South African Christian businessman, Graham Power, with a vision based on 2 Chron. 7:14. The vision had three clear instructions:1.    To call Christians