Jan Lokpal Bill and Parliament

All provisions in Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill are within the legislative competence of Parliament, including the provisions relating to Lokayuktas in the States. Some confusion is being spread in the media that Parliament cannot enact all the provisions of the Jan Lokpal Bill, particularly those relating to the Lokayuktas in the States, a law […]

Drawing the Line Between State and Church

When Jesus said, "Render to Caesar [government] the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s," he was establishing a distinction between the worldly realm of government and the spiritual realm of religion. This distinction leads us to two principles: First, the government should not govern "the things that are God’s," namely, […]

Towards peace in Assam

With the signing of a ‘Suspension of Operations’ agreement between representatives of the Union Government and the separatist United Liberation Front of Asom last Saturday in New Delhi, hopefully a bloody chapter in Assam’s history, as also that of India, has come to an end. According to the terms of the ‘Suspension of Operations’ agreement, […]

Does Conflict Empower Women?

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” is a well proven fact; similar has been the case with women of Kashmir. The armed conflict has imposed on them new alien roles, which they have readily accepted and are fulfilling the responsibilities of the same. During the initial phase of armed struggle, the women rubbed shoulders with […]

Appeal to the Director of School Education Department, Nagaland

With reference to the proposed examination held in 2003 for the post of Primary Teacher, I would like to bring in your kind attention to the errors committed by the constituted panel and would request you to withheld the result which is set to be declared.1.    Firstly, It has been eight (8) long years since […]

Price of solar power

As a Chemical Engineer and Director of Nandini Consultancy Centre, a firm of Chemical engineers and chemical business consultants based at Chennai and Singapore, I   am highly concerned about the likely price of solar power that may be in the region of Rs. 14/- to 15/- per unit which is beyond the buying capacity of […]

Animals don’t kill their own species: what are we?

Animals do not kill their own type. Except for self defense, defending their offspring and fighting for a mate. Are there any animals on this planet that kill their own type just for the hell of it? What about humans, the species which God created in His own image. Animals forcibly mate but never kill […]

A Matter Of Fact: Who Are Employed & Unemployed???

This article is written in good faith to make the record straight and let the Government and the Public in general differentiate the two words i.e. Employed & Unemployed, which had been misconstrued time and again. As we had witnessed unprecedented raise in unemployment problem in Nagaland if we look into the statistical Data as […]

Compared to Rahul, Manmohan shines

It has been an entire week since Anna Hazare broke his fast and ended the carnival of direct democracy in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. Yet, a week has proved to be a woefully short time for the message of the 12-day August upsurge to sink in. From Lutyens’ Delhi to Chanakyapuri, there is consternation and confusion […]


Drawing attention to our esteemed readers, through this column I would like to thank the government of Nagaland for taking initiatives in tackling the vexed Yimchunger-Tikhir issue. It is indeed because of their timely intervention the ugly turn of situation has been averted recently. In fact, it is a pains taking journey to discourse the […]

The Naga Reconcilation

The dawn is breaking; the time is coming for Nagas everywhere to sing a new song as the Naga Reconciliation is declared and the Naga political goal being set on common track.Acknowledging the wrongs and deepest hurts inflicted on one another, the highest Level Naga Political Leaders have forgiven each other, are prepared to understand […]

'In the footsteps of Gandhi'

In the past two weeks a beaky old man in a blinding white cap of homespun cotton has succeeded in putting the Indian government into a tailspin. Kisan Baburao Hazare, now known to all India simply as Anna-ji, has a bee in his Nehru cap about corruption. He wants the Indian government to pass a […]