Women to the Fore

A century ago (in 1911) the International Women’s Day (IWD) was first observed to highlight women’s rights in various aspects of life vis-à-vis male domination and gender justice. Over the decades, more and more people have begun to realize that the world is often viewed and subsequently analyzed through male eyes and that this ignores […]

Intentions of West in Libya

In a resolution dressed up as a humanitarian gesture towards the citizens of Libya, the United Nations Security Council declared on Thursday a no-fly-zone over Libya even as pro-Qadaffi forces were poised to advance on the opposition stronghold of Benghazi. The resolution meant not only that Libyan airplanes and helicopters would no longer be allowed […]

When the Opposition meets the Ruling!

The main Opposition Congress has openly flaunted that the State’s alleged financial mismanagement, huge anticipated deficit, loan component of Rs 8093.62 crore, siphoning off fund of various Centrally Sponsored Schemes including MGNREGA, SSA, etc. will top in the coming crucial 9th Session of the 11th Assembly beginning March 22.If one looks meticulously at the statements […]

The Drama in Delhi

Manmohan Singh, India’s beleaguered prime minister, sits slumped on the front bench of the country’s upper house of Parliament, his brow furrowed above large, brown-rimmed spectacles, his arms crossed over his traditional white smock. Opposite him, scores of enraged opposition MPs are on their feet, wagging their fingers, waving placards, and shouting over the powerless […]

Teaching to the Text Message

I’VE been teaching college freshmen to write the five-paragraph essay and its bully of a cousin, the research paper, for years. But these forms invite font-size manipulation, plagiarism and clichés. We need to set our sights not lower, but shorter.I don’t expect all my graduates to go on to Twitter-based careers, but learning how to […]

Libya: Why the West finally got it right

British Prime Minister David Cameron has done it. He was among the first of Western leaders and British politicians to call for the much-needed no-fly zone over Libya. Despite strong opposition from the international community, he stood firm and loyal to his convictions and, together with the equally tenacious President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, has […]

Mainstreaming domestic workers

The International Labour Organisation has done well to include a draft convention on decent work for domestic workers in the agenda for the 100th session of the International Labour Conference, scheduled for June. For centuries the domestic workers have lived along the margins of the international workforce. Well-documented reports by the ILO and other organisations […]

Chernobyl's Lessons for Japan

Concern about radiation exposure has been rising in Japan as nuclear experts struggle to contain the cores of at least three nuclear reactors and a spent nuclear fuel facility at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.Details of the Fukushima accidents remain sketchy, and it will likely be months before the true scope of radiation release will […]

Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope

I  SET out from my home in the port city of Yokohama early in the afternoon last Friday, and shortly before 3 p.m. I checked into my hotel in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo. I usually spend three or four days a week there to write, gather material and take care of other business.The earthquake […]

“Bahrain is No Longer an Independent Country”

The King of Bahrain has declared a state of emergency for three months following weeks of pro-democracy protests. The King’s announcement comes one day after about 1,000 Saudi troops crossed into Bahrain to help defend Bahrain’s ruling family. Pro-democracy protesters have described the Saudi presence on the island as a declaration of war. We speak […]

Citizens demand to stop India's nuclear programme

Recent nuclear emergency in Japan leaves no doubt that this world needs to renounce nuclear power for military and civil/ energy purposes, as soon as possible, to put an end to any further catastrophe in the name of ‘energy’, ‘power’ or ‘technology’. Humankind has only seen unprecedented and uncontrollable devastation, misery and agony due to […]

The Arab counter-revolution is winning

The current Arab counter-revolution is brought to you by the House of Saud – and enabled by the Pentagon. The Gulf has been plunged into pre-emptive war. After the initial euphoria of the great 2011 Arab revolt, the message of the Gulf kingdoms and sheikhdoms to Washington has been unambiguous – and effective; if we […]