Spike in world food prices: It's more than bad weather

Of all the world headlines that Sen. Richard Lugar could have highlighted this week – the visit of China’s president in Washington, for instance, or the revolt in Arab Tunisia – the most burning issue for him was … alfalfa. The plant, used for animal feed, was the surprising topic of the senator’s opening remarks […]

Lessons from l'affaire Thomas

At a time when the whole nation is exercised about how to tackle corruption in the delivery of public services and the management of precious public funds, the Central Vigilance Commission is the last body that should have got embroiled in a major controversy. In my view, the Commission has been deliberately sabotaged by a […]


As part of the yearly action plan 2011 of the Kohima District Planning & Development Board  under the theme ‘Back to the Roots’, the Kohima DPDB has proposed to conceive the formation of a cell at the village level, named, Village Vision Cell (VVC) to supplement the activities  of VDB and other agencies, both governmental […]

Outcry as Spanish senate goes multilingual

The upper chamber of Spain’s Parliament has sparked controversy by allowing senators to debate in five of the country’s different languages, with a battery of interpreters employed to turn their words into a tongue they all speak perfectly, Castilian Spanish. Critics claimed the move to allow senators to speak Catalan, Galician, Valencian and the Basque […]

Opening a Saramati Chapter

The opportunity to visit the Saramati range in Kiphire district was opened to me by the Nagaland Beekeeping & Honey Mission (NBHM), Kohima. Nestled in this range are 30 villages and NBHM focuses its interest in 10 villages which have a history of rock bee harvesting. In particular I had to visit Mimi, the village […]

Date With a Revolution

ON Friday, the “day of rage,” I was in the streets with the protesters. Friends and I participated in a peaceful demonstration that started at the Amr Ibn al-As Mosque in Old Cairo near the Church of St. George. We set off chanting, “The people want the regime to fall!” and we were greeted with […]

Israel: the next war

In March 1973 the Israeli prime minister Golda Meir visited US president Richard Nixon in Washington. He told her that the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was prepared to negotiate a full treaty, and Meir assured him that Israel wanted peace, but that she would prefer an interim agreement as Cairo was not to be trusted. […]

Is Mubarak's time up after 30 years in power?

An Egyptian mother hugs her child as she watches some thousands of Egyptian protesters gather at Tahrir square in Cairo, Egypt with the ruling National Democratic party building burned at top right behind the red coloured Egypt museum. The army sent hundreds more troops and armored vehicles onto the streets of Cairo and other cities […]

Egypt shakes West Asia

Defying a curfew and violent repression, the people of Egypt are refusing to back down until President Hosni Mubarak — the dictator who has ruled for 30 years — goes. They regard the concession he has made, the dismissal of his own Cabinet, as a contemptible joke. Hundreds of thousands have occupied central areas of […]

A Wall of Faith and History

BLISS was it in that dawn to be alive," sang William Wordsworth of the French Revolution of 1789, which, insofar as laws, customs and politics were concerned, promised to wipe the slate clean and offer the human race a fresh start. A similar exhilaration seized the Western world in the autumn of 1989, when cheering […]

Why ENPO demands Frontier Nagaland

This article offers a pen-picture of the Eastern Nagas necessitating their movement for grant of separate state. The attempt made herein, may perhaps, answer various questions, confusions doubts, in this connection, appeared in some local dailies in Nagaland recently.In the concept of Political movement, it is well known to every body that Eastern Nagas are   […]

Social costs of jobless recovery

The world’s economy may be recovering from what was the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, but all is not well on the employment front. The most critical factor that ensures a sustained recovery is the creation of jobs, and in this area clear evidence emerges from the Global Employment Trends 2011, published by the […]