Climate Change & Agriculture

Industrial globalised agriculture is heavily implicated in climate change. It contributes to the three major greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide (CO2) from the use of fossil fuels, nitrogen oxide (N2O) from the use of chemical fertilizers and methane (CH4) from factory farming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC), atmospheric concentration of CO2 has […]

Kohima Water Scarcity

Last few days back the morning cloudy and gloomy weather bring smile to thousands citizen of Kohima as everybody is eagerly waiting for showers of blessing from above, though it gives cold and chilling experienced. But when the sun rises higher the cloud disappear and give sunny weather which turned thousand faces to frowned again […]

On real Internet freedom

The United States has restated its commitment to keep the Internet free and make it a bulwark of democracy but, unsurprisingly, there is no chorus of welcome for its fulsome defence of online freedoms. In a recent university address titled “Internet Rights an d Wrongs: Choices and Challenges in a Networked World,” Secretary of State […]

India fishing for trouble in Sri Lanka

Otherwise smooth-sailing India-Sri Lanka ties have been rocked by Sri Lanka’s treatment of Indian fishermen straying into its sea territory, with around 136 fishermen from the southern state of Tamil Nadu taken into custody last week for alleged poaching.  The fishermen were released over the weekend, calming tensions, but the underlying conflict remains and India […]

Philippines media under the gun, or lens

Media is either being under the gun or under the lens – Ed Lingao of the Philippine Center of Investigative Journalism differentiates these two worlds where media in this country can be found. Talking about Shooting the Messenger: the curious case of press freedom in the Philippines, Ed Lingao discussed two worlds of media: Media […]

A universal fight

This is an important moment in world history! Tunisia may have sparked the first flame but the whole world is now or soon will be on fire! And if some dismissively or ignorantly keep on calling what is happening in Egypt ‘unrest’, it is obvious for the more candid of us that this unrest has […]

Statement from the Theological Roundtable on Disability

We the 32 theologically trained persons with disabilities, ordained ministers  with disabilities, representatives of the organisations which are ministering the persons with disabilities, disability advocates, theologians, theological educators and church leaders representing 19 institutions such as Member Churches, All India Christian Organisations, Regional Councils and Theological Institutions in India including 9 women participated in this […]

Guru of the Revolution

When the history of the Egyptian Revolution gets written, a large place must be reserved in it for Pierre Sioufi, the bearded, twinkly-eyed, chain-smoking, larger-than-life guru of liberation who threw open his sprawling apartment overlooking Cairo’s Tahrir Square to the “kids” who demanded the right to connect.I say a “large place.” Sioufi weighs in at […]

‘Yoga’ – Another Serious Acid Test For Naga Christians?

I have come across the word ‘Yoga’ for many years but it didn’t register or make any impression on me until  21st Feb. 2011 when I glance through an article, ‘Yoga for healthy living’ in a local daily written by Imtila Sangtam.  She introduced herself as being born into Baptist background whose grandfather and grandmother […]

Is the revolution being co-opted?

Were this an ad, the catchphrase would be "the sound of a new generation". A group of seven young January 25 revolutionaries, including Wael "Google Gandhi" Ghonim, met two members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, in what The Arabist blog identified as "the Facebook kids meets the generals", or Generation Y meets […]

Twitter topples Tunisia?

When President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled Tunisia on Jan. 14, Tunisians declared victory and social-networking site Twitter went berserk with traffic. Soon after, Tunisia–where Internet penetration is roughly 35%, and where cellphone use is reportedly upward of 95%–joined Iran and Moldova on the list of countries that have undergone a "Twitter Revolution." But […]

Who Sent The 14Th August 1947 Naga Telegram?

On 26 June 1947 the Governor of Assam Sir Akbar Hydari came to Kohima with his Advisor, and after three days of hard discussion made a 9-Point Agreement with the NNC. After some time, it was rumored the Government would not accept it to the letter and therefore on 14 August 1947 the NNC sent […]