Rebels outgunned, overstretched

A Libyan volunteer sits on the back of a car on the outskirts of the eastern town of Ras Lanouf, Libya, Thursday, March 10. Government forces drove hundreds of rebels from a strategic oil port with rockets and tank shells on Thursday, significantly expanding Moammar Gadhafi’s control of Libya. (AP Photo)   BENGHAZI – Libya’s […]

What is Socialism?

People often talk about socialism and communism and its difference. And common people have no idea about actual understanding of the term ‘Socialism’. According to Dr. Austin L.Sorenson, let us see what socialism is all about.Socialism is the fiction that everyone can feed off everyone else. The daughter of Stalin remarked that people who want […]

Time for people to elect a leader

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the Tibetan people’s peaceful uprising of 1959 against Communist China’s repression in the Tibetan capital Lhasa, and the third anniversary of the non-violent demonstrations that took place across Tibet in 2008. On this occasion, I would like to pay tribute to and pray for those brave men and women […]

It's time to expand the UN Security Council. But who gets a seat?

During his Asian trip last November, President Obama expressed support for installing India as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the power center of the international body. It was an intelligent proposal for enlarging a critical UN institution whose membership (the United States, Russia, China, Britain, and France) has remained unchanged […]

Speak up, speak out

As the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan completes over 20 years, a story of the songs and street plays created by the people’s movement to demand accountable governance, confront administrations and inspire communitiesIt is late-afternoon. There are sounds of marching from the white, single-storey building of Barefoot College in village Tilonia in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. […]

Of mercy & ending life

“We could have dismissed the petition on the short ground that…the right to life guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution does not include the right to die,” observe Justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra sagely in the Aruna Shanbaug case. “However, in view of the importance of the issues involved we decided to […]

Open letter to Government of India

For months now, activists around the world have been expressing their deep concerns about the impact of India-European Union Free Trade Agreements (FTA). The EU is pushing for harmful provisions to be included in the trade agreement that will hinder access to quality, affordable generic medicines produced in India. Affordable medicines produced in India have […]

Wilson, Trotsky, Assange

Bentham and Kant were clear that diplomatic secrecy was bad. So were Wilson and Trotsky. And while Wikileaks may not be the ideal organisation to take diplomatic publicity to a new level, we should embrace its challenge.On the 7th of November 1917, just after the revolution, Lev Trotsky took office at the Russian Foreign Ministry […]

What's with the Ashes?

Introduction“Be reconciled with God” (2 Corinthians 5: 20) is the clarion call of the Catholic Church all over the world on Ash Wednesday (09 March 2011) that marks the beginning of Lenten Season. According to the ancient Catholic Tradition, it is a beautiful yet sublime Liturgical Season comprising forty days culminating with the Feast of […]

‘Men also need to be liberated from patriarchy’

Efforts to tackle gender-based violence against women in India have concentrated on empowering women to assert themselves and prevent violence. Men have been insulated from the process of transformation, says Harish Sadani of Men Against Violence and Abuse. Until men are seen as part of the solution, the status of women will not change significantly […]

Obama’s Choice: To Intervene or Not in Libya

WASHINGTON — For President Obama, who told Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi last week that it was time to quit, the bloodshed and terror in Libya have posed a dilemma that sooner or later confronts every modern American president: whether, and how, to intervene with military force in a distant conflict. REBELS A fighter is buried in […]