A Bollywood solution to poverty?

There are several facets to our electoral system and practices that are uniquely Indian. To begin with, no country before India had the election symbol, a necessity considering the huge number of illiterate voters. Despite literacy having gone up to roughly 70 per cent, parties are still referred to by their symbols more than their […]


The ignominious act of Shashwat Kumar remains to be an eye opener for all of us. He has blatantly abused modern technology which was supposed to further the progress of humanity. Uploading obscene photos, on a highly popular social networking site Facebook, to fulfill his selfish demands shows that he is not only a psychopath […]

Green reform

Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh must be commended for his frank comments on the state of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Many well-regarded scientists have been making the point that the EIA, a mechanism instituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in the early phase of India’s economic liberalisation and amended […]

Genetically Modified Crops: Food of contention or deliverance?

There is a lot of talk today about climate change and the effect of climate change on agricultural production in the world. The positive or the negative impact that the climate change will have is locality specific. This takes us back to the slogan “Think Globally Act Locally” which has great relevance today. It is […]

Government Should Adopt Visualy Impaired People

Visual impairment is the worst form of disability. If one were to be visually impaired person and also belong to poor family, the problem becomes more severe.  There cannot be a worse condition than being a visually impaired woman and belong to poor family.  The problem of the visually impaired persons are so severe that […]

A silver lining in dark Japan?

During times of great tragedy, the media often focus on little things designed to give us hope: an old man who survived by clinging to his roof or a child improbably pulled from the rubble, safe after several days. However, in media commentaries and online another possibility for hope has opened up – that of […]

Oral Literature: Tradition & Modernity

We all have stories to tell. Stories about joy, sadness, accomplishments, failures or other emotional things that we have lived through. Oral history listens to these stories. Oral history is the systematic collection of living people’s testimony about their own lives. Historians have finally realized that the everyday memories of everyday people, not just the […]

Dalai Lama and destiny of Tibetans

To ensure that Tibetans do not lose their sense of nationhood, the Dalai Lama should select his successor before it’s too late. This is all the more important to prevent Beijing from imposing its choice on Tibetans While wishing and hoping for a long life for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, one has to mentally […]

Mother of insurgencies or reinvention?

In the early 1980s (when this correspondent returned to Guwahati as working journalist after an eight-year absence), insurgency in the northeast was limited to Nagaland, parts of Manipur and what was then the Union Territory of Mizo Hills. In Nagaland, the Naga National Council (NNC), political face of the oldest of the insurgencies in the […]

Go Japan, go

Thirteen days after Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake which produced an equally ruinous 30 feet tsunami and pushed the island nation on the edge of a nuclear disaster, it seems like the worst is over, leaving behind a global example of what national preparedness should be like, along with several awe-inspiring accounts of […]

The Great Earth Hour

The initiative of WWF to observe Earth Hour by switching off all electricity at 8:30 PM for an hour on 26th March 2011 is already at the door step. It has created a lot of awareness amongst the masses for a better planet earth. To some folks, it might have become a Fashion but for […]

On political space & coalitions

India is the second most populous country in the world with roughly one-sixth of its population. Its federal, parliamentary and representative multiparty system makes it the largest democracy. The fact that the majority of its people did not have formal education did not deter the architects of our Constitution from recommending universal adult franchise. The […]