Citizens demand to stop India's nuclear programme

Recent nuclear emergency in Japan leaves no doubt that this world needs to renounce nuclear power for military and civil/ energy purposes, as soon as possible, to put an end to any further catastrophe in the name of ‘energy’, ‘power’ or ‘technology’. Humankind has only seen unprecedented and uncontrollable devastation, misery and agony due to […]

The Arab counter-revolution is winning

The current Arab counter-revolution is brought to you by the House of Saud – and enabled by the Pentagon. The Gulf has been plunged into pre-emptive war. After the initial euphoria of the great 2011 Arab revolt, the message of the Gulf kingdoms and sheikhdoms to Washington has been unambiguous – and effective; if we […]

Replicating Facebook revolutions

Those analysing the feasibility of “Facebook revolutions” in authoritarian countries have so far veered between utopian visions and non-utopian smackdown. These approaches undermine what is in fact a complex process, which may depend on both state resources and types of communication technologies. Veering dangerously close to fetishisation of Facebook-facilitated protests in the Arab world, the […]

Ad-hoc Teachers are not second-class citizens of Nagaland

In January 1933, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany and the Jews living in Germany were automatically turned into second-class citizens. Of course, Hitler did not straightaway sign any official paper declaring the Jews as second-class citizens. But the fact that Hitler had such hatred and disdain for the Jews meant that, with Hitler […]

The wellspring of judicial activism

So cynical has the public become about the impartiality and seriousness with which corruption cases against the rich and the powerful are probed, that hardly an eyebrow is raised when the judiciary starts actively monitoring the investigation in such cases. Over the last couple of months, the Supreme Court has assumed a supervisory role in […]

Japan: From Tsunami to Change

The closer the view of the effects of the tsunami along Japan’s north-east coast on Friday 11 March 2011, the harder they are for the mind to absorb. A vast stretch of coastline where human settlements and physical infrastructure have been destroyed, in many cases beyond repair; houses, farmland, boats, schools, shops, businesses, hospitals, and […]

Nagas in the light of King Hezekiah’s life

This questionary is meant to prickle the minds of the Young Nagas and old alike for biblical moral sound, spiritual strength and prosperous Nagas in the light of King Hezekiah’s life (2 Kings 18 – 20).Hezekiah’s great grandfather King Uzziah and grandfather King Jotham were godly and wise men who had increased Judah’s prosperity and […]

Real woman empowerment

Last week while driving home, I was shocked to see a girl in broad daylight, in full public view, opposite a thana, being thrashed by a young boy holding her by the hair. My driver hesitantly slowed the car and I rolled down my car window and shouted at the boy to stop it. He […]

BMI and risk of death

That obesity is a causal factor for many lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, which in turn increases the risk of death, has been well established in the developed world. Similarly, being underweight increases the risk of death. A study published online in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) (“Association between body-mass […]

Israel and the Arab awakening

Guy Rolnik, the editor of Israel’s leading economic newspaper The Marker, recently wrote a scathing condemnation of the nation’s complacency over the wave of revolution sweeping through Arab countries. Under the headline – “State of a nation, rolling in slime” – was a catalogue of incidents of sleaze, corruption, criminality and abuse of public trust […]

Gates, Buffet & the Art of Giving

Some suggestions for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who plan to visit India and encourage philanthropy amongst India’s super-rich.Dear Bill & Warren,Delighted to learn that you plan to tour India, among other countries, to inspire and ‘grow’ the practice of ‘giving’ among our super-rich. Indeed, to have them follow in your charitable footsteps and part […]

Reasoning together to reconcile is the only way forward

Reasoning together in search for truth will reduce the much tension and apprehension removing doubt and fear. Right actions taken and done will bring enlightenment and progress in society. Given the situation today, Naga people must reason together and reconcile. That seems to be the only way forward. Hostilities will breed more hatreds, divisions and […]