Dalai Lama and destiny of Tibetans

To ensure that Tibetans do not lose their sense of nationhood, the Dalai Lama should select his successor before it’s too late. This is all the more important to prevent Beijing from imposing its choice on Tibetans While wishing and hoping for a long life for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, one has to mentally […]

Mother of insurgencies or reinvention?

In the early 1980s (when this correspondent returned to Guwahati as working journalist after an eight-year absence), insurgency in the northeast was limited to Nagaland, parts of Manipur and what was then the Union Territory of Mizo Hills. In Nagaland, the Naga National Council (NNC), political face of the oldest of the insurgencies in the […]

Go Japan, go

Thirteen days after Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake which produced an equally ruinous 30 feet tsunami and pushed the island nation on the edge of a nuclear disaster, it seems like the worst is over, leaving behind a global example of what national preparedness should be like, along with several awe-inspiring accounts of […]

The Great Earth Hour

The initiative of WWF to observe Earth Hour by switching off all electricity at 8:30 PM for an hour on 26th March 2011 is already at the door step. It has created a lot of awareness amongst the masses for a better planet earth. To some folks, it might have become a Fashion but for […]

On political space & coalitions

India is the second most populous country in the world with roughly one-sixth of its population. Its federal, parliamentary and representative multiparty system makes it the largest democracy. The fact that the majority of its people did not have formal education did not deter the architects of our Constitution from recommending universal adult franchise. The […]

American prescription for ending Naxalite menace

Ending violent attacks on those Naxalites who have already entered politics, enacting comprehensive land reform and other measures aimed at dismantling the rural feudal power structure that oppresses India’s poorest citizens: This is the American prescription for convincing Naxalites to renounce violence and embrace parliamentary politics. At the same time, a cable from the United […]

Dealing with Saif Gaddafi

Ever since Saif Gaddafi delivered his abhorrent speech threatening retribution against Libyans unless they submitted to the Gaddafi regime, a raging controversy has unfolded about the meaning of engaging with someone like him. Saif Gaddafi has become the public face of the regime as it has carried out its murderous onslaught on Libyan citizens. This […]

Water woes

Despite rapid technological progress and economic growth, close to 900 million people the world over do not use drinking water from improved sources and over 2.6 billion lack access to decent sanitation facilities. This indefensible public failing, which is conspicuous in the developing world, comes with tremendous economic and social costs. Safe drinking water and […]

But, Manmohan is an honourable man!

Three trust motions over the last 20 years went down to the wire. PV Narasimha Rao survived the first in 1993 by seven votes, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost in 1999 by one vote and Mr Manmohan Singh managed to cross the halfway mark by three in 2008. The outcome of other recent trust votes, […]

R.C. Chiten Jamir, the man I knew

The old guard of our society is declining in numbers. There are but a handful still alive. Life is a blessing from God and as life begins, life must also end. This inescapable facet of human frailty leads me to pen a few words about late R.C. Chiten Jamir, a man I knew and worked […]

Obama in Bush's footsteps

Less than two days after the start of attacks on Libya by the United States, British, and French warplanes and missiles, and as news and images of civilian casualties and destroyed buildings spread, powerful dissenting voices are being heard. Russia, which abstained from the United Nations vote, cites civilian casualties in calling on Britain, France, […]

Women to the Fore

A century ago (in 1911) the International Women’s Day (IWD) was first observed to highlight women’s rights in various aspects of life vis-à-vis male domination and gender justice. Over the decades, more and more people have begun to realize that the world is often viewed and subsequently analyzed through male eyes and that this ignores […]