Eradicate Stigma and Discrimination for our Children

Every day we hear of instances of stigma and discrimination shown to HIV positive people in our society. And we generally perceive such instances of stigma and discrimination with HIV positive adult people. As a result, it shakes us with pain to learn of HIV positive children at the receiving end of stigma and discrimination.Senti […]

Corruption: An Alternative Interpretation

While the slogan against corruption is presently flying high in India, I think we need all the insights as possible to make sense of this phenomenon. A few questions come immediately to mind – What is corruption? Has it got anything to do with morality at all? How can it be or does it even […]

South Sudan: Reflections on a fragile state

Despite continuing North-South tensions, intra-Southern fragility is now one of the most pressing concerns in Sudan, whether or not Khartoum is fuelling the flames of these insurrections. With independence due in just over two months, it needs addressing A billboard close to the airport in Juba, South Sudan’s nascent capital, reads, ‘Welcome to Africa’s Youngest […]

Win a battle, lose a war

CIVIL SOCIETY has won a profoundly important battle against corruption. But it could still lose the war. The activists who spearheaded the victory do not have a clear idea of what they are fighting for. They run the risk of missing the target altogether. The more radical among them believe that all they need to […]

End of first-past-the-post voting?

On May 5, Britain will hold a referendum on whether to ditch the time-tested voting system in favour of Alternative Vote, a light variety of proportional representation. There are two big dates coming up in Britain over the next few days. One, of course, is April 29, when Prince William will marry Kate Middleton — […]

Death, Restoration and Life

One has read that there will be a special service for reconciliation, led by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation this Easter. This creates a mixed feeling of both happiness and sadness. Happiness because God is the best guide to pursue the correct path and, ultimately, we all fall back on Him in our times of […]

Naga History: We Missed Our Flight Thrice

To be able to take the right path in our journey forward, it is also important to find out where we have gone wrong in the past. So this is what this article is about –examining our missed chances to collective greatness:   1.    Falling Too Short: During World War I, some Nagas were recruited […]

Wash Others Feet

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday. It is also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, and Last Supper. On this day, the Church reflects specially on the scene of Last Supper that Jesus had prior to his arrest that eventually led to his condemnation, scourging, crowning of his head with thorns, carrying the cross to Golgotha and […]

Troubleshooter Pranab Mukherjee wants to become prime minister

Sonia Gandhi’s leadership of the Congress is facing two major problems, one or both of which may be insurmountable. Manmohan Singh has proved a non-asset in securing the Congress moral and political high-ground vis-a-vis the BJP/Left opposition. No sooner than the 2G JPC was conceded, Wikileaks turned adverse floodlight on the PM’s corrupt 2008 parliament […]

Jan Lokpal: an alternative view

After 42 years of hesitation and uncertainty, an institutional mechanism to deal with the all-pervasive incidence of corruption in India is in sight. What apparently moved the state machinery was the agitation spearheaded by Anna Hazare, which drew spontaneous support primarily in the metropolitan cities. Within five days of Anna Hazare starting a ‘fast unto […]

UN needs reality check

In 2000 when every member of the United Nations agreed to focus on eight areas of universal concern, such as poverty and hunger, healthcare, primary education and status of women, there was enthusiasm that developing nations, backed by rich countries, will be able to halve the scale of these problems by 2015. However, with five […]

Welfare cheque prevents Aborigines from fighting for their rights

A NSW tribal leader convening an Aboriginal summit in Canberra says it will raise funds to challenge Australia’s legitimacy in the International Court of Justice.“This is Australia’s greatest fear, because when we win, Australia will owe us more than they can ever imagine, and the cry ‘pay the rent’ will be heard loud and clear […]