Recollection of the tragic fire incident

•-People of Nagaland are shocked when the Residential Office of the head of State Government is reduced to ashes. Expression of sympathy and solidarity poured in from all quarters of Nagaland.  What thought might be in the mind of the Chief Minister when his self is touched tragically? People within Nagaland State as well as […]

When thanks giving service become an abomination to God

Long ago before the Jews settled in the land ‘that is flowing with Milk and Honey’, God disapproved the practice of Human Sacrifice as a show of faith in Him. It is probable in those days, whenever any person direly needed some superhuman help from God; he would sacrifice other human Being in propitiation to […]

Egypt and the post-Islamist middle east

For years, western political elites and their local allies have charged the Arab peoples with political apathy and lethargy. The argument that Arabs are uninterested in seeking to wrest greater democratic freedoms from their authoritarian rulers always rested on shaky foundations. But now that millions of Egyptians, following the Tunisians’ example, have proved it wrong […]

APO’s Open Letter on Job Vacancies for Dimapur District

Addressed to the Chief Secretary Sir,It has come to the knowledge of the Angami Public Organisation (APO) that the State Government has formulated a policy in respect of job vacancies wherein it states “vacancies arising in all the districts will be filled up by the indigenous inhabitants of that district, except for Dimapur district, where […]

Freedom makes you giddy

Hosni Mubarak’s decision to replace his cabinet and appoint a vice-president (Omar Suleiman, 74, head of army intelligence), something he had refused to do since he became president in 1981, had no effect on the hundreds of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators who want him to relinquish all power. His vague calls for dialogue with the […]

Tehran 1979 or Berlin 1989?

The core issue in Egypt can be boiled down to this: are we witnessing Tehran 1979 or Berlin 1989? Is this a broad uprising against dictatorship whose goal of democratic freedom will be usurped by organized Islamists, as in the Iranian revolution? Or is this the end of the Arab Jurassic Park where, from Yemen […]

Civil Society in 1989 and 2011

At the Munich Security Conference, David Cameron announced the end of multi-culturalism and the need to confront those who oppose British values – democracy, integration and equality of the sexes. Yet the crowds in Tahrir Square are proving that these values are not the preserve of the British, far from it. Like the crowds in […]

‘Development' vs Environment

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s observation that enforcement of environmental regulatory standards should not lead to a throwback to the days of the licence-permit raj strikes a jarring note in an era of enlightened, science-based conservation. By projecting regulation as a threat to economic development, he has brought needless pressure to bear on the nascent efforts […]

Dignity, Bread and Liberty; the start of peak food revolutions

“What has changed the placid Egyptian population into a boiling mass of revolt?” Goes the not-so-subtle sub-text of much corporate media coverage. First the supposed quietism of the Egyptian people is over-stated, there have been other strikes and protests in recent years. As recently as 2008 Egyptians rioted over bread prices. Second they are hardly […]

The religious crisis of American liberalism

During his campaign in 2008, Barack Obama seemed to be doing more than getting himself elected president. He seemed to be launching a revival of liberal idealism, shifting the United States’s political landscape in the process. This impression hardly lasted beyond his inauguration as president on 20 January 2009. Never has a national mood of […]

Strive For A High Rank In God’s Army

While the modern Church persists in copying the rudiments of the world, God is raising His people up His true standard of righteousness wherein His people can be made to walk in the freedom and true holiness of the Living God. More and more so called “believers” are getting on the band wagon, mimicking our […]

Arundhati Roy: India’s bold & brilliant daughter

Arundhati Roy will turn 50 this year. I hope to be excused of sexism (would one write this of a man?) when I say that she looks no more than 35 at most. Her vitality has always been striking. I remember her from one of her early visits to London as a slight, supple woman […]