Egypt shakes West Asia

Defying a curfew and violent repression, the people of Egypt are refusing to back down until President Hosni Mubarak — the dictator who has ruled for 30 years — goes. They regard the concession he has made, the dismissal of his own Cabinet, as a contemptible joke. Hundreds of thousands have occupied central areas of […]

A Wall of Faith and History

BLISS was it in that dawn to be alive,” sang William Wordsworth of the French Revolution of 1789, which, insofar as laws, customs and politics were concerned, promised to wipe the slate clean and offer the human race a fresh start. A similar exhilaration seized the Western world in the autumn of 1989, when cheering […]

Why ENPO demands Frontier Nagaland

This article offers a pen-picture of the Eastern Nagas necessitating their movement for grant of separate state. The attempt made herein, may perhaps, answer various questions, confusions doubts, in this connection, appeared in some local dailies in Nagaland recently.In the concept of Political movement, it is well known to every body that Eastern Nagas are   […]

Social costs of jobless recovery

The world’s economy may be recovering from what was the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, but all is not well on the employment front. The most critical factor that ensures a sustained recovery is the creation of jobs, and in this area clear evidence emerges from the Global Employment Trends 2011, published by the […]

Happiness and production

When David Cameron announced in November that Britain’s Office of National Statistics was to start collecting data on the nation’s happiness levels, reactions were mixed. A cheap policy fad, cried some critics. None of the government’s business, argued libertarians. You can’t measure ‘real’ happiness, claimed romantics. Some feared that any new statistic automatically invites new […]

Church should introspect on the SC judgment on Graham Stains case

We do not know about Justice Niyogi report. Anti-conversion bill is an attack on our freedom. D. P. Wadhwa report is a bunch of lies. Justice S C Mahapatra Commission report seems to have rightists influence, so it is not even worth to discuss. After saying all this, now the Church has shown their displeasure […]

Change at Google

After a decade of strong growth during which it launched a slew of successful online services, Google is now going back to its start-up roots. In pursuit of that goal, co-founder Larry Page will take over as Chief Executive Officer from Eric Schmidt. The primary task before Google is crisply summarised by Mr. Page: to […]

The selling of the ‘Palestine Papers’

Anyone familiar with Israeli-Palestinian negotiations over the last decade will find nothing surprising about the supposed revelations in the “Palestine papers” published this week by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera and Britain’s Guardian newspaper. Since at least the time of the 2000 Camp David talks brokered by President Bill Clinton, Palestinian leaders have accepted that Jewish […]

There is growing dissidence across the Middle East

Angry demonstrations in Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon (January 25) cast a spotlight on grievances throughout the Arab world that are often aired but rarely dealt with. For the first time in generations, dissidence is gathering momentum and many leaders seem rattled.The ball is in the governments’ court as people demand the democratic voice they have […]

Farce follows tragedy in Myanmar

If Karl Marx was right that history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce, Myanmar may have just entered the farcical phase of its long-running military rule. The first general election held in over 20 years last November and announcement that a new elected National Assembly will be convened on January 31 have […]

Reforming microfinance

The T.H. Malegam committee on microfinance institutions has made valuable suggestions that are contextually significant. Barely four months ago, the MFI sector seemed to be riding a crest. Though comparatively new to organised finance, it was growing rapidly, particularly in the southern States, with Andhra Pradesh in the lead. With an estimated Rs.22,500 crore lent […]

Indian constitutional democracy: a freedom in crisis

Sixty years ago, the First Amendment to India’s Constitution imposed restrictions on the right to freedom of speech and expression, in contrast to its celebrated namesake in the United States.  Free speech—the very essence of democracy—has since been subject to much judicial and political controversy, but confronted with significant economic, social and political stresses it […]